Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Repack "Hits"

Coming soon to a bubble mailer near you. 

Repacks are my weakness, especially these days. They are my bonbons if you will. My pizza rolls, if I was still unemployed and in my early 20s. They are bad, bad, bad... rarely good. Sometimes, I manage to find stuff that's interesting or tradeable, and sometimes you find out there's actually a dude named Polin Trinidad.

Here are some cards that came out of recent dalliances with the Fairfield Company. It's probably a good thing that I can't find anything they sell online, or this little obsession might turn into a full blown problem. Some of the cards seen here are the incentives thrown in for buying this stuff, while others (like Correa's card up there) were pack pulled.

There's a 20 packs for $19.99 product that Fairfield sells, which includes a bonus relic for the first time that I can recall. This was actually one of the better prizes I found, and after some careful examination of the card I discovered that it was manufactured for the Topps 2015 factory set rather than one of those one-per-blaster toys.

The 4 packs plus an autograph deal is one of the sketchiest looking things you can find at the Target aisle. Unlike all the others, there's no catching a glimpse of what lurks inside one of these. At least Mr. Avery is seen here wearing a major league uniform, even if he's just pretending.

Here's a pack pull, and a fine card. Topps Archives makes me consider what a do-over would look like in card collecting. If I could suddenly gain back all of the money I've thrown towards Heritage and Ginter, might I consider investing instead in being a Topps Archives super-collector? There's something I really love about these no frills on-card autographs of retired guys that you don't see plastered all over other sets all the time. This was definitely my best pack pull in terms of interest to me, even though it's very much up for grabs.

Another pack pull, a blue parallel (numbered to 150) of Punchin' Miggy.

Brad Peacock is in the midst of his best season in MLB this year. He's been in the Astros rotation of late, which is a good place to be on such a winning team. This was another one of the relic bonus cards.

So, yeah, this was apparently a real guy. He spent most of his career in the Astros organization. He has the cap to prove it, I guess.

Pryor was a former M's prospect and this is the worst kind of guaranteed autograph by far. Even James Avery is shaking his head.

This isn't numbered, or swatched or inked or anything of the like, but it's a Bryce Harper rookie. Well, sort of? I actually still have a huge problem with the 2012 Panini Prizm set, which was released in 2013 with 2012 stats only to be followed by 2013 Panini Prizm just months later. You would think that a "premium" Bryce Harper rookie card would be more sought after than some crusty old flagship Topps card on thin white paper stock, but it's not. Still, I guess it goes into the box of trade bait cards in top loaders, the most secure box of cards I probably own.


  1. I once entertained the idea of trying to complete a "Fan Favorites" auto set, but told myself that was nonsense. That was a very interesting repack!

  2. That Griffey manufactured relic is a nice find. That's pretty cook of Fairfield to star upping the quality of their guaranteed "hits".

  3. I'd say you did very well! They are always fun to open, except when packs of Triple Play are included.


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