Monday, October 29, 2018

Monday Night Breakdown

Five cool @breakdowncards on a cool Monday night. 

The Blazers won and my vacation starts tomorrow night, so I'm feeling pretty good about things at the moment, even though this is officially day one of many with no baseball. Oh man, now I'm starting to get sad again. Fortunately, here's some cards from Baseball Card Breakdown to cheer me up. I acquired these several months ago, and please don't talk to me about how it's almost November.
First up is Matt Carpenter's very blue "silver pack" parallel, which is numbered to cool 115 for some reason.

This one is an always tough to find "vintage" parallel of the Cardinals defense ace, numbered to a cool 99.

Swagerty didn't make it past the AA level, which isn't very cool... but I'm sure he's a cool person! Most people don't get to pitch professionally. Do any of YOUR friends pitch professionally?

Gavin makes great customs, and was kind enough to hand me this "what could have been" 1978 style Topps card, featuring Ozzie Smith. It goes into my Ozzie binder. It's very cool.

Wait, how did this Cub sneak in to this post? Not cool! Not cool!! (I needed it for a set.)


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