Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A Speedy Redemption

Well, that was quick. 

It was a rough and abrupt ending for the 2019 Cardinals season, but there was a surprise from Topps (the Scranton branch?!) waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home. Topps was able to already fulfill the Bowman Chrome Prospect autographed card that I snagged a couple of weeks ago.

When I saw the envelope, I was actually hoping it was the Trevor Story redemption I pulled back in the summer, since I am facing a decision about whether or not to request something else now. I don't really want to make that decision. I don't know a ton of Rockies collectors, but Story is a good player. I figure I could easily end up with someone a lot worse than Story (or a Marlin!), so I'll let it sit for awhile longer.

1 comment :

  1. Always nice when these come quickly.

    Also, did he forget to write his last name?


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