Sunday, October 20, 2019

Stickers, Glorious Stickers

I will treat these stickers like cards, yes I will. 

Back in the early summer, Angus of Dawg Day Cards sent over an envelope full of Cardinals album stickers from 1986. This was the first year I was really aware of baseball cards and collecting, and the 1986 Topps album was the first I ever laid my eyes on. I tried to complete it, of course, but I was a ten year old of very limited means at the time. I'll just show off a few of the stickers I received, all of which are headed to my binders unstuck.

With the Cardinals coming off of their pennant win in 1985, they were heavily featured in the sticker album. Here's a shot of Tito Landrum from the World Series, in which his team was unfortunately on the losing side.

Was this the "Go Crazy, Folks" swing? I'm gonna say... yes? I don't have the album to refer to anymore.

Here's another sticker of the Wizard, who shares time with the Brewers Danny Darwin.

The cool star players got the full sized oval stickers, like Willie here. McGee was coming off of his NL MVP performance, so it makes sense that he'd get top billing over Ozzie.

Of course, if you've traded with Angus before, you probably already suspected that there was something special about these stickers. They're O-Pee-Chee, which explains why they were big needs for my collection.

Thanks again to Angus. I need to find some good Cleveland Browns cards to send back one of these days.


Fuji said...

The mid 80's Cardinals were my favorite era of St. Louis baseball. Loved watching Coleman, McGee, the Smiths, and company.

Bo said...

That album was my first foray into collecting. Never saw the top three stickers - they are awesome, especially that first one.

gcrl said...

Gah. Even with mike scioscia there, I do not want that sticker in my collection.