Monday, October 28, 2019

True Story

A redemption redeemed. 

It's an off night for the World Series and it's also a Monday, so a single card is all you're going to get out of me. On Friday, right on the heels of my Bowman Chrome Prospect redemption showing up, I got another mailer from the Scranton branch with my Trevor Story autograph. As you may recall, I took a rare dip into the hobby box pool earlier on in the year, and the Story redemption was my prize. (I'm actually not entirely sure I was promised a "hit".) Redemptions are always a bit of a head-scratcher for me when it turns out that the autograph is signed on a sticker. I can see a player promising to sign but not having time during the grueling season, but you would think that you wouldn't include someone in a set unless you already had the signed stickers in hand. This process seems like it should only apply to on-card items.

Oh well, it's a nice card of a good player. It's available for the time being, at least until I strike up a trade with a Rockies fan at some point down the road.


P-town Tom said...

If I was a redemption guy I would be a little annoyed with stick-o-graphs too. Slick looking card otherwise though!

Fuji said...

I'm not a fan of redemption cards. And seeing this sticker-graph isn't helping. At least it's a solid player who should be an enticing piece of tradebait.

Adam Kaningher said...

This already makes me miss Coors Field. I am going through some major baseball withdrawal right now.