Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Another PWE Round-Up

An all-Cardinals edition of PWE Round-Up featuring @vossbrink and more! 

The volume of incoming envelopes started trailing off before the holidays hit, so that gives me a bit of time to catch up. We'll start with some cards from similar-minded team collector All Cardinals All The Time

Along with the Jose Martinez insert from 2019 Finest, I got one of my first looks at 2020 Topps Update. You've probably been good and done with the 2020 base design for quite some time now, so I lumped these all together. There were only eight Cardinals cards in Update this year, so this envelope put me 75% of the way there right off the bat.

Next up were a few things from Nick Vossbrink, which included this classic "stuck to another card" version of J.D. Drew's 2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond card. I've read all sorts of wild ideas about how to unstick cards that are "bricked", but my experience with adhesives is that you're kind of screwed no matter what you try.

Here's a nice pair from the 2001 Pacific Private Stock set, including another appearance by Mr. Drew.  Pacific was sort of the black sheep of the former DLP properties. Even after Panini acquired most of those trademarks (but not Leaf, apparently), much of what Pacific did stayed in the past. I can only think of Crown Royale and maybe a few odd inserts being reused by Panini from the Pacific days. (Commenters, feel free to weigh in on any post-2010 Pacific sightings that I might have missed!)

Nick also writes about cards for SABR and included this great custom based on some old View-Master discs that he wrote about in length. View-Master was born in Portland (like me!) and I recall having a couple of their viewers growing up, although I'm pretty sure I didn't have any discs with cool baseball players on them.

Here's the back, which is based on what was printed in the booklet that came with the disc.

There was also an envelope from gcrl of cards as i see them, which included this full color ad for Stan The Man, Inc. There were also cards inlcuded, but it looks like I must have already filed them before I set this aside for a future write-up. This is why I shouldn't let myself get so far behind!

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  1. That custom is really great! A lot of neat things were born in Portland, most of which rarely get their due credit.


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