Tuesday, February 16, 2021

PWE Time!

Cards from @dvdgao @BoRosny and @Thorzul on a Tuesday night. 
Another week is here, which means it's time for another PWE round-up. First up to bat is Cardinal fan David, who sent along a few of his Redbird extras as well as some set needs.

Griffin Roberts isn't on the 40-man roster and I haven't seen him in any 2020 sets, but it looks like he received an invite to Spring Training this year which means he's still in the organization.

Matt Adams, of course, isn't in the Cardinals organization anymore after coming up with the club and a brief reunion in 2018. It looks like he's a free agent currently.

David included three more cards from my long sidetracked attempt to collect the 2020 Heritage set. Why do I collect sets again? It was nice to pick up two inserts and a short print (Garrett), though!

Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! sent me eight 1987 Sportflics cards I needed. You may wonder why I would need any old Sportflics cards at this point, but I recently discovered that, like many sets of the junk wax era, there were lots of variations. The factory sets apparently had a 1986 copyright on the back, while the packs had 1987 copyrights (although a few cards from one of these varieties are missing their copyright line altogether.) I could also have this backwards, since I mainly only had '86 copyright versions in my collection and I don't know why anyone that I know would open and break up an old Sportflics factory set. This would mean that various internet sites are incorrect, but I don't really care anymore. I just want both versions.

I only scanned a few of these, mostly out of curiosity for how they would look when scanned. You can mostly see Ozzie Smith here along with a bit of Shawon Dunston.

You can scarcely see the Cardinals player at all on this one. As you might have expected, this is another one of those "Tri-Stars" cards featuring multiple players.

Lastly, I claimed a single card from Death Stare Cards as part of his annual Trade Me Anything feature. I always make it a point to participate but may have missed a year or two in the switchover from his old blog Thorzul Will Rule to its current incarnation. This was actually the first time that I can recall where there weren't any cards I was interested in, so I snagged this Yordan Alvarez just for fun. I guess it remains to be seen if I continue to casually follow the Astros as much as it remains to be seen if Yordan Alvarez is going to be a star player. Hopefully he can stay healthy?

If you have just a few cards you think I might like and want me to send something back to you of similar size, let me know. That's what snail mail was apparently made for. At least someone is buying stamps these days.


  1. I'd say that those Sportflics scanned pretty good. As far as the variations go, I'm only just now learning about most of them from that era thanks to the TCDB. Seems like every time I go to add a card to one of my lists, I find that there are 14 different variations of it, most of which are not terribly exciting btw.

  2. Glad they could go to a good home!

  3. Lot's of 80's variations popping up. Thanks for the info on the Sportflics.

  4. Nice cards here, I like that Archie Bunker insert and the chromes.

    Got your PWE yesterday - post coming soon on the 1993. Thanks!


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