Monday, February 22, 2021

RAK Pack #2

Time to look at another @CrackinWax RAK Pack. 
Back in September, I was very excited to receive a "RAK Pack" from Crackin' Wax because, honestly, who doesn't love a bit of randomness? Fast forward a couple of months and the bonus wheel had me landing two more of these things in the same week. Here's another batch of random cards with a gooey Cardinals center.

This is a heck of a way to start things off, as it's not only a short print but it's a needed short print from a set I collect.

Next up is an outstanding former player from a Stadium Club set that I almost tried to collect.

A minor leaguer gets in on the action. I've almost accumulated enough random minor league cards again to think about doing another giveaway at some point this year if there's any interest.

Here's a man who needs no introduction.

Now we're in Cardinals country. After ending last season as the team's clean-up hitter, it'll be interesting to see where Carlson ends up in the lineup this year with the acquisition of Nolan Arenado.

Scratchy scratchy. I believe I already have two copies of this, so it'll most likely be heading to the trade stack.

Dakota Hudson will be spending most of this season rehabbing after Tommy John surgery, unfortunately. This is a really cool shot of him walking off of the field at Busch, though.

It's another one from the 2020 Stadium Club set. Chipper is in the "I'm a broadcaster now" phase of his career.

The Fayetteville Woodpeckers are one of the teams that managed to survive the massive kill-offs of minor league teams.

It's a Bowman Prospect card from 2015. Forrest Wall. Huh... there's a name for you.

Back to 2020 Stadium Club here with a guy that's been on my fantasy teams recently. It'll be interesting to see what the Blue Jays do with him since they've already got the up-and-coming Bo Bichette.

The last one is an oldie from Panini. It looks like Rathjen topped out at the AA level in 2015.


  1. Carlson looks too skinny to bat clean-up.

  2. I have six Rathjen cards, all from 2013, including an auto.

    That's just not right.

  3. I think the #1 bummer in regards to collecting in 2020 is that I wasn't able to find a reasonably priced Stadium Club set. It's so flippin' gorgeous.

  4. Nice cards. Love the Chipper. That Konerko is pretty sweet with the Thanks in the background.


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