Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Bootleggin' with Panini: Baseball Edition


A look at the new Donruss baseball set from a @nightcapcards box break. 
The latest, and apparently last Donruss baseball set from Panini dropped recently, offering another somewhat affordable alternative to the usual churn from Topps. The cards are always a mix of cringe/tacky and fun, and this year is no exception.

This year's set features loose tributes to the original 1988 set. The blue bordered "holo" parallels (see Wainwright at the top) look a bit more like the original, but the font used and the always jarring lack of team logos makes these feel like they were produced in some dark alley.

The Diamond Kings subset design varies from year to year, and I feel like this is one of the better ones in recent sets.

Here's the actual base design for the set. It has a bit of a '90s science class feel to it.

And here's the Rated Rookie design. It's not exactly iconic, but it works within the framework of the base design.

The red bordered cards are serial numbered to 2022. Given that I picked up three of these in this break (and added a fourth in another break), I have to assume that these are much easier to come by than the Topps gold bordered base cards that are similarly numbered. If someone wanted to crunch the numbers, I think it would be fairly simple to discover that the print run for this set is much, much smaller than Topps Series 1 (with good reason.)

The red bordered "Retro 1988" cards don't look as good as their blue bordered counterparts.

Here's the third of those red numbered cards.

Hobby inserts are all numbered as far as I can tell. There's a lot happening on this card.

I was also able to snag a "Retro 1988" jersey card in this break. There's a whopping 97 cards on this checklist, so I feel very fortunate that the one pulled was a Cardinal.


  1. Wow, that base card design. Wild. Kinda interesting.

  2. Yeah, that design is certainly different. It looks like the picture is way behind a bunch of boxes. I think if this were an insert I'd like it, but for a base card I find it a bit much on first glance. But I'll be looking to pick some up cheap at the local card show Sunday morning.

  3. I had no idea 2022 Donruss was out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like the design, but I don't mind 1988 Donruss like so many do.

  5. Panini no longer being able to make their version of Donruss will be a good thing.

  6. Will not be missing Panini baseball. Looks like they're going out with a little creativity in their base cards.


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