Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Introducing: The New Max Muncy

New Bowman and Donruss cards are today's @CrackinWax #CrackinWaxMailDay special. 
People who are really into Bowman year after year are a different breed of collector than those I am used to dealing with. I don't have a whole lot to say about it, but I would venture to guess that people who are into buying boxes after boxes of the stuff and show off their hauls in spaces like Twitter are probably not team collectors like myself. While I do enjoy following the progress of the few Cardinals prospects that make the set each year, the set does well to represent the seedy side of the card business. Or just the business side.

One of the prospects in this year's set, pulled at random via a break over at Crackin' Wax, is a guy named Mad Muncy. Muncy shares a birthday with the other Max Muncy and was a first round pick of the A's last year. That other Muncy was also an A's draft pick, albeit many years ago. It's a funny world.

Here's a look at the base design, represented by Juan Yepez. It looks very... Bowmany? Yepez has been off to a hot start after making his MLB debut this season. His inclusion on the Wild Card roster last season didn't result in him seeing his first action, but it may have made him eligible for RC cards early this year, which is nice. Topps in particular is making people wait a long time for the first official MLB rookie cards of certain prospects these days.

The prospect cards have a similar design as expected. I ended up with both the "paper" and Chrome versions of last year's second round pick Joshua Baez. Baez is probably the biggest name in last year's draft in the Cardinals system.

Let's move on from Bowman and look at some more Donruss cards. Again, the serial numbered red parallels are pretty easy to get.

The red cards don't look as good as the blue foils, however. That's probably just the result of the '88 Donruss design being imprinted on my brain.

Lars Nootbaar got called back up to the big club recently after he had a 3 HR game in Memphis. Two of the Cardinals three starting outfielders are currently on the IL, but Nootbaar hasn't drawn a start yet.

Goldy has been on fire lately. You love to see it. (Or, at least, I do.)

I know these cards are still super bootleggy. Here's a blue uniform to go with a blue border.

I signed up for two breaks, and was randomly assigned both the Brewers and Rangers to go with my Cardinals. Thus begins the trade bait portion of this post.

Old friend Kolten Wong makes another appearance on the blue foil.

I can't recall ever owning an Isiah Kiner-Falefa card, even though this is his fifth season in the league. That seems odd.

This is a nickname variation of a Hall of Famer.

I'm hoping the Cards can catch those pesky Brewers soon. They host a four game series with the Crew starting tomorrow, so they have some opportunity to gain ground.

The last card headed for the trade boxes is another blue foil and another old friend. Does anyone need any Adolis Garcia rookie cards? I have plenty.


  1. I wish the MLBPA would force "same name" guys to use a middle initial or something like how the Screen Actors Guild does it.

    2022 Bowman looks like one side of 2015 Bowman was left out in the sun too long.

  2. I like the new takes on the '88 Donruss design.

  3. The white borders on that 1988 Donruss throwback makes it look like a die-cut for some reason


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