Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday Night PWE Round-Up


Cards in small packages including a set filler from @cardboardjones tops off the weekend. 
Let's run through the contents of a few plain white envelopes before we welcome in the dreaded Monday.

First up is some stuff from reader Derek from Ottawa. The Topps Scratch Off set from 1981 seems to be one of those rare innovations that has never been repeated. I know they had some earlier scratchcards from the late '60s that were replicated in recent Topps Heritage sets, but this exact design probably won't see life again until 2030, assuming we're all still on this planet at that point.

Here's one from one of several attempts to get an MLB-themed TCG going. It didn't seem to have worked, but it produced a number of interesting and sometimes hard to find cards.

The best thing about exchanging cards with someone from another country is when you get hooked up with a regional exclusive. This seems to be some kind of educational bookmark. The back essentially looks the same, but all of the text is in French.

Steve from Cardboard Jones has been the best contributor to my 2003 Topps set endeavor over the years, and this latest crop of cards hits the Traded set portion of my want list. Future Cardinal legend Adam Wainwright and Dan Haren's rookie card highlight this group here. Kenny Lofton was also an unforgettable talent on the field.

This group isn't quite as impressive, but Jeromy Burnitz and Jerry Hairston Jr. certainly made an impact in their respective times in the league. Kirk Reuter was perhaps best known for being nicknamed "Woody" after the Toy Story character thanks to lazy Fox Sports broadcasters.

The one and only Elliptical Man sent along some (American) football cards. Brandon Graham has been one of the best Eagles of the past decade and I hope that he is able finish his career in Philly.

Lane Johnson is another mainstay over the past decade. Here's his Topps Chrome rookie card from 2013. You get a lot of weird attire with NFL rookie card photos.

I do really like this striking orange jersey swatch from Ducks star Royce Freeman, even though the photo is totally posed.

Carson Wentz isn't quite on my "do not collect" list (see Vick, Michael), but he's close. I do realize that the Eagles Super Bowl win in 2018 would almost certainly not have been possible without his stellar play during the season before he was injured, but the dude is pretty insufferable. This has a much nicer design that the 2018 Donruss Threads cards, however.


  1. The Carpenter bookmark is neat.

    I can't stand Carson Wentz either. It was very satisfying to see him choke away a playoff spot for Indy last season.

  2. If I had been the right age, and had folks to play with, I think I would've liked to try the Showdown game.


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