Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Torsos and Such

Catching up on trade recaps with some @breakdowncards Cardinals. 
I haven't been keeping up with the card blogs all that well lately, and trade package exchanges have been a bit sparse. Still, I've found some time to send some stuff out and have seen some things trickle in. It hasn't just been all box breaks around here, folks. That can get expensive. Let's check out some Redbirds from fellow Portland resident Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown.

Alex Reyes has one of those pitcher's curses that so many are afflicted with. He has tons of talent and physical ability, but he can't seem to stay healthy. After an All-Star season where he lost his grip on the closer's job by season's end due to lack of control, he is back on the shelf in '22. (Where is this so-called shelf, by the way, and where did it come from?)

Continuing with the Reyes theme, along with the low numbered 1990-ish Topps On-Demand card at the top of the post and a Bowman Platinum insert from 2016, this one might be my favorite. Reyes is wearing a throwback uniform, and one of my favorite recent Stadium Club designs gets the Chrome treatment.

There isn't an easy way to segue from three shiny modern cards to a beat up 1960 card. Here it is: beat up George Crowe! The scanner even gave up hope on this card before it finished.

I'm pretty sure I've expressed my disdain for disembodied torso cards, but that seems to be a pretty common feature of on-card autographs.

Rob Kaminsky was a Cardinals first round pick at one point, but spent most of his career in the Cleveland system before finally making it to the big leagues with the Cardinals in the 2020 pseudo-season. He hasn't been back since his 5 appearance stint. It looks like he's bounced around a bit and dealt with injuries.

Oscar Mercado is another former Cardinal pick (2nd round, 2013) that ended up with Cleveland, but he has stayed there as a regular outfielder since 2019. It's another torso auto!

Well, I don't even need to talk about who this guy is or what he has accomplished. It looks like Yadi's final season will consist of less playing time than he's used to, but the hope is that he'll be healthy for any pivotal games down the stretch as well as the playoffs. I've always loved the Allen & Ginter framed minis and am glad they are still making them, even though they've reduced in number over the years.


  1. Just heard about Yadi retiring at the end of the season. Seeing the Cardinals without him will be like watching the Giants w/o Buster this season.

  2. You can even sort of say that that relic has a color matching border too.

  3. Glad you like. Yeah, I guess I was hanging onto those nice Alex Reyes RCs in case he became the next Kershaw, but figured the time had come to give them up to a Cardinals fan. Pretty sure I pulled the Molina relic from a blaster a few years back.

  4. I hadn't heard of George Crowe. Interesting guy and a heck of a baller, then became a mountain hermit for 30 years...



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