Friday, September 1, 2023

A Labor Day Weekend PWE Round-Up


A few more PWEs if you please. 
Heading into the long weekend, it's time to look at a few more small envelopes that were sent my way earlier this year. First up is a batch from A Penny Sleeve for Your Thoughts. Jon had a series of giveaways awhile back and I ended up claiming one of the cards. A few friends like this fancy card of the Oregon Ducks mascot came along for the ride.

I still don't have all of the various old TCMA sets completely sorted out in my brain, but someday I'll end up with all of my team needs here. Gibby's photo is a bit washed out here, but at least it's not colorized.

The Fleer Greats sets of the '00s are some of my favorites. I am surprised I didn't have this card already, but now it's mine for real.

The Topps Turkey Red offerings for NBA are a bit weird, as the players are drawn with all of these weird backgrounds that are supposed to show them on a neighborhood playground or perhaps a community gym. These are red parallels, of course.

The card I claimed is actually a red parallel from the more familiar baseball Turkey Red counterpart. For a spell, Cliff Lee was one of the best pitchers in baseball.

Next up is a few cards from gcrl that I received back in May when the Big League set was a bit newer. I had trouble finding packs or blasters of the stuff initially, and even resorted to buying a couple of overpriced fat packs at a baseball game to satiate my cravings for a dumb new Topps product.

This is actually the second 1998 Leaf fractal-something-or-other card I've posted in the last week or so, but this is a "Foundations" card instead of the previously shown "Materials" one. I am not sure about what they were trying to do here. It's another glossy, shiny numbered card from the '90s that I needed, though.

I still haven't seen any 2022 or 2021 Bowman Heritage cards, packs or boxes in person since the online exclusives were bundled together and released earlier this year, aside from what I've received in a couple of trades through the mail. I am hoping these end up showing up in future quarter boxes someday down the road.

Camo parallels are not typically my favorite thing, this Panini Prizm rookie card of Kolten Wong from 2014 has such an Atari 2600 look to it that I can't help but love it. I should try to find more of these.

The last little bunch of cards came from The Diamond King. I believe this was another blog giveaway/tradeaway from last spring. I picked up a few Allen & Ginter inserts for my 2020 set build, including this pair of old historic structures.

This is the first card I'd even seen from the 9 Ways to First mini set. The odds for these must be a bit lower than other minis I've seen. I always appreciate when one of these insert concepts is actually baseball themed, even though I do like the sets with weird animals and such.

Speaking of weird animals, who doesn't love a good sea creature? I often flip on the nature shows that they run all day on BBC America on Saturdays to put on in the background when nothing else is going on. That tradition will probably have to end if I can ever finally manage to break away from having a traditional cable subscription. It's way past time to cut the cord.


  1. Go Ducks! (At least until your guys join the conference and we play each other!)

  2. Konigstein and Aleppo win this round.

  3. I never understood the playgrounds on the Turkey Red set. That being said, I still think that the set was kind of neat.

  4. I also enjoy a good run of BBC America nature shows on Saturdays


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