Saturday, September 23, 2023

Good Luck Ducks, Week 4: Prime Day


The Quack Attack enters conference play against a ridiculous opponent. 
Oregon opens conference play today against one of the strangely overhyped teams of my lifetime. Since joining the Pac-12, the Colorado Buffaloes have tallied two Alamo Bowl appearances in twelve seasons and... that's it! Aside from a 10-win season and the weird COVID year, they have finished with a losing record in every season, including four double-digit loss seasons. Deion Sanders didn't just inherit a team on the skids, he started coaching the worst Power 5 conference team of the past decade. (Can anyone name a worse one?)

Of course, with a fresh gimmick and a fresh roster of players, the Buffaloes enter their final Pac-12 season with a tremendous amount of hype. It is also true that this team barely resembles last season's 1-11 team because, well, Sanders basically fired the whole roster and replaced it with a bunch of other dudes in the transfer portal just screaming for the spotlight.

I could turn this into some whole other thing where I complain about how the game has changed and blah blah blah, but I won't. This might yet be the last season of college football I really pay attention to because of the imminent conference realignment that spreads waste all over the past, but I'm trying to just be here for the moment. And the moment is where the Oregon Ducks stomp all over the Colorado Buffaloes once again.

Notes and other things:
  1. Colorado's Travis Hunter suffered a pretty disturbing injury last week that will keep him out for this game and possibly others. He's a big part of their game on both sides of the ball, so it's frustrating to see him miss the game especially if Colorado fans end up blaming any sort of loss on his absence.
  2. Where Are They Headed? Well, Colorado is back to the Big 12 after this season, where they previously spent 15 seasons and were a charter member. Maybe that early 2010's realignment didn't make sense after all.
  3. Ducks Ranking This Week: 10 (AP). There wasn't a lot of movement ahead of them, but their continued dominance against weaker opponents apparently said something.
  4. Bo Nix Heisman Watch: I mean, I figure he still has a leg up against Neon Deion's son, so that has to count for something.
  5. Game time is 12:30 PM PDT on ABC. Go Ducks!


  1. Looks like your Ducks are destroying Colorado. Take that Coach Prime, LMAO.

  2. From Yankees prospect to college football coach.

  3. I never did fully understand why Colorado was wanted for the Pac-12. Given how things have gone for them, I'm not that surprised that they would've jumped ship so quick, as they'll be able to build up a better looking record once they get back to playing in a weaker conference.


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