Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2006 Fleer Fat Pack Party

I have a bunch of stacks of cards laying around on my desk and my coffee table, so it's time now to start clearing them out and writing blurbs about them so I can sort them into my fairly organized storage boxes. The story behind these cards is that I bought 3 2006 Fleer "Fat Packs" from eBay for a fairly affordable price. I will talk about Pack 1 here. I wrote about Pack 2 yesterday on A Pack A Day. Here is the bulletpoint version of how I feel about Fleer now:

- Upper Deck has control of the Fleer brand now, and has turned it into the Safeway Select of baseball cards. My hope is that someday Fleer can comeback as the RC to Topps's Coke and Upper Deck's Pepsi.
- The card backs of this set in particular are incredibly lame and boring.
- The design could be worse, I suppose, but this set is neither glossy and UV-coated nor retro cardboarded (like Heritage or Goudey) so it has to rely on front-of-card appeal alone
- Where are the stickers? Where is the wax buildup on the last card of the pack?

Enough with the whining, though... here's what I got:

386 - Tadahito Iguchi
165 - Ryan Garko RC

233 - Walter Young RC (he is truly a massive guy - 6'5" and 320 lbs according to the stats on the back. I saw him play for the Portland Beavers in 2006.)
118 - Julio Lugo
186 - Richie Sexson
356 - Rondell White (Twins player, pictured as a Tiger. this is an ongoing theme for this set...)

212 - Mike Cameron (sporting some kind of retro Mets jersey, but he's so totally a Padre as of 2006)
297 - Alejandro Machado RC
76 - Doug Davis
55 - Adam LaRoche
361 - Chris Heintz RC
251 - Ramon Hernandez (An Oriole pictured as a Padre)
44 - Dave Bush
299 - Jason Varitek
78 - J.J. Hardy (I think it's bad luck to be a Brewer these days)
367 - Michael Cuddyer
43 - John-Ford Griffin RC (is this a real player or one of those fake players that video game manufacturers make up to fill out the rosters of teams?)
332 - Angel Berroa
111 - Aubrey Huff
253 - Trevor Hoffman

32 - Danny Haren (well, there's always Mark Mulder's 2005 season to fall back on, I suppose)

321 - Aaron Miles (Miles, a Cardinal-Rockie, looks super-determined here)
62 - Julio Franco (see the beginning of this entry. he's a Met, but he can't shake the Braves)
368 - Scott Baker
147 - Milton Bradley (I wonder if anyone has tried paying him in Monopoly money)

T40-29 - Roy Halladay Top 40 (these inserts come 2-per Fat Pack, with no other inserts possible if I am understanding things correctly)
46 - Frank Catalanotto (more difficult to type than to speak)
352 - Magglio Ordonez
131 - Luis Gonzalez
305 - Tim Wakefield

84 - David Eckstein (no matter what you think of him, you have to appreciate how he sprints to 1st base after he gets walked)
339 - Steve Stemie RC (another made-up video game roster filler)
195 - Josh Beckett (a Marlin-Red Sox)
263 - Jon Lieber
42 - Alex Rios
387 - Alex Rodriguez
276 - Oliver Perez

166 - C.C. Sabathia (like I said... look at how boring these backs are)
10 - John Lackey
180 - Gil "Ga" Meche
265 - Mike Lieberthal

196 - Juan Encarnacion (a smilin' Marlin not quite prepared for the Birds on the Bat)
230 - B.J. Ryan
9 - Jarrod Washburn (the Angel-Mariner)
264 - Danny Sandoval RC
156 - Doug Clark RC (Giant-Athletic)
287 - Kevin Mench
66 - Rafael Furcal (Brave-Dodger)
202 - Todd Jones
198 - Robert Andino RC
283 - Francisco Cordero

T40-27 - Jim Edmonds Top 40 (wooo! this makes the pack... an Edmonds insert that I didn't have.)

Pack 3 will conclude things here. I also have a few blasters to talk about and some random stacks sitting around the apartment.


Erin said...

That Aaron Miles card looks wacky. As in it's hard to recognize him. I suppose it's the radical face he's making.

madding said...

He looks more like David Eckstein there. Now I can see why people were calling him Evil Eckstein last year.