Sunday, September 21, 2008

Master Blaster

This is the second blaster of A&G that I've bought so far. Suffice it to say, it's an addicting set. I snagged this one a week ago, finally finding some on my 4th attempt that day. Earlier in the day, I also picked up some interesting stuff at a monthly card show in the area, but I'll talk about that another time. This here is all about the blaster. There are 6 cards per retail pack and 8 packs in the box, although you get 7 cards in every pack that comes with a flag card (every other pack, basically.)

Pack 1:
174 - Jose Valverde (bleh, I have so many Astros cards. way too many.)
88 - Troy Glaus (okay, that's better)
61 - Adam Dunn
150 - Johan Santana Mini
232 - Davy Crockett

103 - Kerri Strug (I'm not going to lie and say that it make a lot of sense to have non-baseball players in a baseball set, but I think that has definitely helped this set's widespread appeal. I think more people seem to like getting Kerri Strug cards than, say, Jack Wilson or something.)

Pack 2:
260 - Mark Teixeira (I have a hard time spelling his name even if it's right in front of me)
230 - Carlos Beltran (I like to call him Beltr0n as if he's some sort of robotic machine)
232 - Davy Crockett Mini A&G Back (I didn't get any of the ad back minis in the first blaster and packs that I got)
338 - Placido Polanco (SP)

US43 - Adam Dunn US Flag
- Checklist 4 of 4
73 - Tadahito Iguchi
178 - Jose Vidro

Pack 3:
58 - Johnny Damon (tonight was the last game at Yankee Stadium. I don't really think of Damon as a Yankee, though.)
13 - Mike Lowell
30 - Miguel Cabrera Mini

295 - Chone Figgins (I almost took a picture of "Rampage" Jackson, but his face was too scary. instead, you get non-threatening Figgy here instead.)
189 - "Rampage" Jackson
182 - Nate McClouth

Pack 4:
181 - Moises Alou
136 - Javier Vazquez
346 - Brandon Boggs RC (SP)
128 - Golden Gate Bridge Mini A&G Back

AGA-JC - Joba Chamberlain (wow. I never get cards that are good. this would qualify as good in some circles, I think.)
197 - Bigfoot
172 - Pablo Picasso (not sure what happened in this pack, but I guess I got 7 cards and the auto replaced the flag card?)

Pack 5:
269 - Gary Sheffield (such... anger... with this guy)
231 - Huston Street
213 - Brendan Harris

WL44 - Jakaya Kikwete World's Leaders (Tanzania)
279 - Jim Edmonds (it's a little easier to stomach seeing him in a Padres uniform, but not enough to take a picture)
276 - Oscar Wilde

Pack 6:
121 - Yovani Gallardo
199 - Daric Barton RC
349 - Frank Morris (SP - this reminds me of some kids that were messing with a Rubik's Cube on the bus ride home from work the other night)

A2 - Marduk Mini Ancient Icons
US9 - Lastings Milledge US Flag
15 - 2004 ALCS World's Greatest Victories (this completely nullifies the pro-Yankees vibe that was going on)
- Checklist 1 of 4

227 - Frederick Douglass
268 - Dean Karnazes ("Ultramarathon Champion" - ULTRAmarathon? I didn't even know there was such a thing. a marathon sounds grueling enough as it is. this pack had 8 cards in it for some reason and 9 if you count the checklist, which you shouldn't.)

Pack 7:
229 - Joe Blanton
23 - A.J. Burnett

17 - Brown v. Board of Education World's Greatest Victories (take that, racist jerks!)

6 - Brian Barton RC Mini A&G Back (Barton has a lot of potential and I wish he'd gotten more playing time this season, especially knowing now that the Cards will miss the playoffs)
82 - Jayson Nix RC
296 - Hideki Okajima

Pack 8:
115 - Alex Rios
170 - Jake Peavy
331 - Luis Castillo (SP)
244 - Mark Teahen Mini
US13 - Curtis Granderson US Flag
114 - Trevor Hoffman
92 - Dan Jansen

Now I get to decide what to do with the Joba card. It's the first certified autograph I've ever pulled, but it doesn't need to stay in my collection.


night owl said...

So far, with these two A&G blasters, you've had more success than in all the AG blasters I've bought this year (and I've lost count how many that is -- 8, 9, 10?)

Slette said...

Nice Joba... I do believe another Yankees for Cardinals trade may be in order!

madding said...

That makes me feel like I should quit while I'm ahead. I'm sure I won't, though. Maybe it was karma for all the repack boxes I'd bought this year.

kevincrumbs said...

The World's Greatest Victories cards are really unattractive but on the other hand, all of the autos and relics are really good looking.

I know you and I have talked about this quite a bit but what you wrote when talking about Kerri Strug definitely is the case for me. Without the non-baseball people (or inanimate objects), I probably wouldn't give a crap about this set.

Dinged Corners said...

Holy moly. Great blaster. What night owl said.

But be careful. It's the kind of blaster that will make you buy more blasters, and the luck fades quickly.

--David said...

Hey, if you want to get rid of the Little Rock Central card, you can send it to me! I'd love something like that for the Arkansas Vitual Tours program I teach in the summer to teachers!!

madding said...

David, I can send you that card, no problem. I have plenty of Indians cards laying around, too, if you're interested.