Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Luck Ducks

This afternoon, the Oregon Ducks football squadron heads to West Lafayette to take on the Boilermakers of Purdue in their first real test of the season. I dug up an uncut sheet of cards that I got as a giveaway at a game during their magical Rose Bowl year of 1994. Before the abomination that it known as the BCS was around, the Rose Bowl was just about the best thing you could do as a member of the Pac-10, and for the Ducks it was their first big dance in 37 years. A little Google action came up with these interesting articles about the '94 season.

Cristin McLemore was one of their more talented receivers, and it seems he went on to play in the Arena league for a time. I'm fairly certain he is the player I got to see vomit on the astroturf right after lining up for a snap after getting nailed in the gut on the previous play. He got a standing ovation from the student section (well, we were always standing.) Ah, college...

Sadly, Kenny Wheaton is not part of the set.

Go Ducks!

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