Friday, September 19, 2008

Peer Pressure Blaster

I caved. Big Time. I was really ready to resist buying into the Allen and Ginter hype, mostly because it sounded really expensive and because there were cards of Billy Mitchell in the set. I'm not really sure what series of events transpired to bring me to this place, but after buying a pack at first and not immediately being disgusted, I suddenly found myself at the Oregon coast buying a shrinkwrapped box of packs at a Fred Meyer store of all places. I wasn't intelligent enough to keep anything in sensible order, so I'll just post a summary here rather than a pack-by-pack breakdown.

(1) Mini World Leaders (Tenzin Gyatso)

(1) Mini Unnumbered (Ray Durham) - Beckett tells me that there was only a print run of 50 on these cards. To me, unnumbered cards just look like a sloppy error.

(1) Mini Black (Pablo Picasso)

(1) Mini World's Deadliest Sharks (aw, come on, that Tiger Shark doesn't look so fierce...)

- A plethora of base cards including Yadier Molina, the only Cardinal I pulled...

- Hiroki Kuroda, a rookie...

- and Pete Weber, a professional bowler (interesting? side note - I used to bowl an average of about 140 or so, and I could be counted on for a 170 point game in a pinch. I'm somewhat surprised that I've never appeared on a baseball card of widespread release.)

(4) Flag cards, including Konerko, David Wright, Nick Markakis and Jason Varitek

(4) Short-printed base cards (including Aubrey Huff)

I ended up falling hard for this set, and I've since purchased another box. I'll throw it up on here, soon.


goooooood girl said...

Well well well......

Erin said...

I want that Yadi card. That looks awesome.

I need more Allen & Ginter. I'm addicted.

Erin said...

And oh. "gooooooood girl" needs to die.

That is all.