Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good Luck Ducks, Week 4

The Boise State Broncos are next on the schedule for the Ducks as they return to Autzen Stadium in Eugene after a brutal double-overtime victory over Purdue. Much has been made of the Ducks suffering their fifth serious QB injury in the past year, but the general consensus is that it's just been terrible luck and nothing that the Ducks are doing wrong in their game plans. I was fairly ambivalent about Boise State until I was reading about how cocky they are, or at least how much their fanbase is. Even with the uncertainty at QB, I think that Oregon should survive this game on their talent (specifically the run game and the defense) and the support of the home crowd, even though the students aren't in class yet.

Chad Cota was the anchor of the Ducks secondary during his time in the green and yellow. He went on to have a 9 year NFL career. I was originally planning on putting up a Josh Wilcox card until I realized that I'm not sure that I have one. Wilcox's brother, Justin (also a former Duck), is the defensive coordinator at BSU under head coach Chris Petersen, himself a former Duck wide receivers coach. Cota's card says 1992 in the Oregon logo, but it is part of the same uncut sheet of the 1994 team. (A couple of other cards suffer this same error and it's truly weird that I didn't notice it until a week ago when I've owned it for so long.) With even less experience at quarterback than they previously had, hopefully Oregon can count on a Gang Green-like effort from their defense to keep the team in the ballgame if things get rough on the offensive side of things.

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Matt said...

Can't beat a card that comes complete with a public service announcement.