Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good Luck Ducks, Week 5

The Ducks are off to Pullman, WA, hoping not to Coug It after last week's tough loss. Washington State sends out its 3rd string QB after Portland State took out its first two strings with a back injury and a spine injury. Ouch. Meanwhile, Oregon sends out any or all of 3 QBs, none of which are their first two strings, with one dealing with a concussion after a cheap shot by some Boise State chucklehead and another surviving a street racing auto wreck. Yikes.

I chose to send out Ricky Whittle this week, as the Ducks will likely need a Whittle-like effort from their ground game in order to win up at the Palouse. It never seems to matter how bad the Cougars are or how formidable of a team the opposition is, because it always seems to be an adventure at WSU. Thankfully, today's game ends the run of 7-out-of-9 road games for the Ducks in this series, now that the Pac-10 has a balanced schedule where everyone plays each other each season.

By the way, you'd better not even try to buy these cards from me or Smokey will kick my ass.

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