Thursday, September 18, 2008

Return of the Fat Pack Party

Here is pack 3 of my 3-pack purchase of 2006 Fleer, Fat Pack style. This is the Heroes vs. Villains version. Good Guys vs. Bad Guys. Winners vs. Chumps.

108 - Ryan Dempster (Dumpster. score one for the Bad Guys.)
193 - Dontrelle Willis
380 - Jose Contreras
159 - Noah Lowry

25 - Roger Clemens (I think that picture speaks for itself.)
325 - Cory Sullivan
104 - Mark Prior
47 - Gustavo Chacin
398 - Randy Johnson
251 - Ramon Hernandez
137 - Brad Penny
222 - John Patterson
1 - Adam Kennedy (this is obviously not the same Adam Kennedy that has played for the Cardinals the past two seasons)
273 - Jack Wilson

52 - Shea Hillenbrand (3-0 Chumps, right now. This guy is worthy of his own blog entry. Instead, you'll have to read his Wikipedia entry, which I can promise you is more entertaining than anything I have written here.)
307 - Aaron Harang (shutout the Cards last night. almost worth another score, but not quite...)

94 - Scott Rolen (and the Good Guys get on the board here. blame Alex Cintron and Hee Seop Choi if he never makes the Hall of Fame.)

388 - Bernie Williams (Bernie is pretty much the opposite of Shea Hillenbrand. you would get his entire career's worth of stats on the back if this reincaration of Fleer wasn't so lame.)
167 - Casey Blake
49 - Miguel Batista
304 - Craig Hansen RC (what's worse, being a Red Sox prospect who can't get playing time because his team is too stacked or being a Pirates pitcher who is... well, a Pirates pitcher?)

83 - Chris Carpenter (Carp ties it up at 3-3. He may be hurt again in another area that isn't his surgically replaced elbow. Ugh!)
45 - Eric Hinske
351 - Jeremy Bonderman

130 - Jose Valverde (look at that face... or don't. Chump City.)
T40-40 - Jeff Kent Top 40
244 - Adam Eaton

23 - Lance Berkman (is it possible to have a Chump Face? Lance does. 5-3 Chumps.)
329 - Luis Gonzalez (not the outfielder guy, but a guy who played 2B for the Rockies for a time.)
110 - Alex Gonzalez (5 teams in 5 years according to his stats on the back that only cover the last five years... except that he's pictured in a different team once again than his 2005 team)
399 - Robinson Cano(e)
178 - Eddie Guardado
246 - Brian Lawrence
378 - Joe Crede
268 - Ryan Howard (is obviously not a native Philly resident, since he does Subway commercials for their, uh, totally authentic Philly Cheesesteaks)
157 - Dan Ortmeier RC

89 - Chris Duncan RC (back in the win column. hopefully Duncan will one day regain his hitting stroke.)
188 - Jeff Harris RC
358 - Carlos Silva
239 - Melvin Mora

18 - Brad Lidge (no mention on the back of the card of this for some reason.)
205 - Cliff Floyd
247 - Dave Roberts
26 - Roy Oswalt (ugh, okay, make it STOP. I'm not showing pictures of these guys anymore...)
315 - Miguel Perez RC
15 - Adam Everett (not funny)
185 - Raul Ibanez
270 - Ronny Paulino RC
317 - Ryan Freel
96 - Aramis Ramirez (...)
266 - Pat Burrell
T40-35 - Josh Beckett Top 40 (and to top it off, a Red Sox guy for good measure.)

The chumps win it. The case is closed. Here's hoping the Fleer name will not be buried permanently, but also that the owners of the name will actually come up with something that suits the brand name. (like stickers!)


night owl said...

Hillenbrand's "You've heard of Jeff Bagwell?" quote is a riot. I cringed when the Dodgers picked up this joker.

madding said...

I got to see him play for the Portland Beavers last year. He was downright awful, had terrible body language and just looked like a headache to be around.