Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baseball Cards and Crunchy Cookies

I wanted to post about baseball cards tonight, for once, and then I read this sad news over at Cardboard Junkie. Mother's Cookies is no more, and with that goes their legacy of large bags of cookies that are slightly easier to chew than jagged rocks. I still made a point to buy their cookies especially when free baseball cards were involved, and took a weird liking to the wax-flavored pink animal cookies. Here are images of every Mother's Cookies card that I have in my collection, or at least what I could find in about 15 minutes of searching.

1991 - Ken Griffey Father & Son (I actually had several of Griffey Jr.'s Mother's cards from his rookie season, but I believe that I sold or traded them away in the late 90s. I also at one point owned an ad panel from that set that I stole from a Safeway, but I don't know what happened to it.)

1990 - Nolan Ryan 5000 K's

1991 - Nolan Ryan 300 Wins

1993 - Nolan Ryan Farewell Set (Unlike the sets above, this one featured 10 cards instead of 4. Imagine how many $3.50 bags of cookies you'd have to purchase to collect the entire set.)

1990 - Matt Williams (The card backs didn't really change, much like the fronts. I'm not sure who in their right mind would get a card autographed on the back in the space provided.)

1990 - Jose Canseco (At the time, my bedroom wall proudly displayed a Canseco 40/40 poster.)

1985 - Seattle Mariners (Alvin Davis) (This is the only card I ever owned that wasn't from one of the player sets, but was from a team set. I don't know how or why I ended up with it, but here it is. Sadly, there were no Mother's Cookies Cardinals cards ever made as far as I know.)

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Erin said...

Mother's cookies?? Gone!? Nooooo!!

What will I eat if I want to eat pink and white animal cookies? :(