Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rays in '08

Cards on Cards is pleased to announce that we proudly endorse the Tampa Bay Rays for World Series Champions in 2008. In these tumultuous times, Cards on Cards has made the difficult to decision to cross party lines and endorse an American League team despite our history for voting for National League candidates. Rest assured, while our beliefs do not typically fall in line with those of the American League, our feeling is that we need to inject some new blood into this stale system and uplift the spirit of the game as a whole. While we certainly still disagree on many key views of the American League members, including their Right-To-DH views, we have the utmost confidence that these upstart Rays will represent the game in the way it should be played.

This was a tough decision, and with all things considered, we just could not endorse the Milwaukee Brewers. While they embrace many of the fundamentals that the National League represents, we just could not look past the shirt-untucking antics that have befallen the team of late, not to mention the personal attacks of Rickie Weeks on our beloved Cardinals.

[P.S. - Ken Griffey Jeter?]


Erin said...

It is not mentioned that the woman behind the man at Cards on Cards endorses a different team.

Shame there was no mention of this. Figgy would be sad.

Dinged Corners said...

And who is that woman behind the man at C on C endorsing? If we may ask. Surely she will not also cross party lines.

Erin said...

Why the Angels, of course. Now Figgy IS sad ... because the second lamest team in all the land has beaten them.

I cross party lines when a team plays ball as the Angels do. Watching small ball is fun.