Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Opening Night

It's opening night in the NBA. Baseball is just going to have to step aside. Oh, that's right, it already is.

This beauty up above is a Damon Stoudamire Starting Lineup, unopened, still in its case! Remember when all the toy stores would have these hanging on the racks, with endless amounts of Mark Langstons and Chris Mullins because all the good players were already picked through? This Stoudamire figure was actually a gift purchased for me at a state fair of all places. And the Huskies jersey? Apparently it's a nod to the Toronto Huskies, though I'm not sure if the Raptors ever wore these or if it was all Kenner's idea.

Don't worry, I won't have a basketball post every day the Blazers play. That is, of course, unless they go 82-0.

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