Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've been tricked! Today's post comes to you courtesy of TribeCards and the awesome Halloween-themed giveaway going on over there. One look at this frightening box told me that I might be in for more than I had bargained for before I even opened the box. Let's see what's inside...

Ahh! AHH! Football cards? Kyle Boller? NFL "Legend"? That seems rather questionable. This is most definitely the result of some trickery.

Okay, I can calm down now. Here's an Eagle. It continues the bird theme, right? And my favorite football team is the the Eagles. But wait a second... who is that... Ahh! AHH! Terrell Owens! This is a huge trick! There were several other Owens cards in here, just in case I forgot what he looked like.

Finally, here's a Cardinal. Ahh! AHH!! Trickery! This is the football Cardinals. And it's not even the Neil Lomax-era St. Louis Cardinals. Plummer was supposed to be so the best but he so was not.

Hey, this is pretty cool. I don't know who Travis Taylor is, but he sure has a shiny card with a funky shape. We're still deep into football card territory here, but Taylor is on a bird team so it works.

Seahawks are not even real birds. Ahh! AHH! I know what this is! Trickery!

(Incidentally, one time I saw these ridiculously priced packs of football cards at a hobby shop in Austin and they were called Topps TX Exclusive. I thought that, Texas being how Texas is, that they had some sort of exclusive set that was only released in Texas and nowhere else. There are certain kinds of beer that are like this, so I didn't think much of it. Looking back now, I bet "TX" stands for something completely different and I'm way off base. If anyone cares to clue me in, feel free.)

Harold Carmichael, while before my time as an Eagles fan, was a pretty great player and it's nice to get a card of his. This definitely goes down as a treat.

Ahh! AHH! Not the Trojans! Serious trickery is afoot here. His name... haha... this is a bit of a stretch, though.

Ahh, I can relax now. Here is a nice shiny Ron Gant holotastic card thing from 1996. Actual St. Louis Baseball Cardinal Cards... I had forgotten what that was like. There were also a couple of Dennis Eckersley cards from his Cards days in here, plus a Rex Hudler for good measurement.

What... who... is this? He played QB in actual games in 1991, for the Eagles? Is this another trick? I don't remember this guy at all. I remember injuries to Randall Cunningham and desperate turns to backup guys like Jim McMahon, Rodney Peete and Bubby Brister. But Jeff Kemp? I think someone made this up. Ahh! AHH! Pacific Trading Cards? The horror!

Whew. Back to baseball. Here is a 1994 Sportflics Pat Hentgen. I actually had no idea until really recently that someone continued to make Sportflics cards beyond 1992. They were supposed to be super-premium at the time, but I didn't know anyone that took them seriously.

Hey, it's Chris Carpenter. Not a bad way to end things here. And here, while pitching for the wrong birds, he doesn't even look injured. Maybe things will work out well for Cardboard Carp.

Ahh! AHH! I just woke up from my daydream. Carp is still injured and the Cardinals are still trying to figure out what to do with him. Hopefully this trick will turn out to be a treat in the end, but right now the state of his pitching career is certainly very spooky.

All in all, this was a very entertaining box of cards to open, sent from a very generous card blogger. Make sure you stay tuned to Indians Baseball Cards. Always. as it is a very worthwhile (and dangerous) read.


Anonymous said...

I think the Topps TX stands for Topps Ticket. Lame, I know.

night owl said...

Funny. David's an observant fellow. I think anyone who got an Owens card would consider it a "trick"

madding said...

Topps Ticket... so what's the "Exclusive" part mean, I wonder.