Sunday, October 26, 2008

Repack Madness

Don't worry, I have nothing but baseball here tonight. I just got done watching game 4 of the Series and I'm fairly bummed about the result. Hopefully the Rays can get their collective acts together and put up a good fight against Cole Hamels tomorrow night. I'll be watching the game on tape due to my work schedule, though there's an increased likelihood that someone will ruin the outcome for me if the Phillies end up being the winners and taking the series.

Here are two packs from a repack box I bought last weekend in a moment of weakness. I suddenly felt the urge to have something to open up during the playoff game I was planning to watch. I think I might have finally bought the last of these boxes, which are $9.99 and offer 10 packs which all were most likely from blasters originally. I was pleased (and also somewhat underwelmed) to see that 6 of the packs were from 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights because that set contains highlight cards from the postseason (in which, of course, the Cardinals won.) Two of the packs were from some Fleer set that I can't recall at the moment and the last two were 2006 Upper Deck Series 1, which is a far more interest set than the others.

Pack 1:

428 - Mark Grudzielanek (Grudz is shown at spring training with the Cards, pondering what it would be like to play for Missouri's other team.)
143 - Coco Crisp (Crisp is saying "so long, suckers" on his way out of Cleveland and onto better things in Boston... where he'll be outshined by some Ellsbury fellow.)

28 - Luis Gonzalez (Really nice action shot of Gonzo. Too bad about the Comcast sign, though.)
237 - Brad Penny (His cards keep turning up like a... oh, nevermind. Sorry.)

UD-MP - Mike Piazza UD Game Materials (Jersey) (Hey, this is cool... and confusing. Is Piazza pictured with the Mets because this is a Mets jersey swatch and that's all they had available. If that's so, why does it say Padres right underneath the jersey piece? Some consistency would be nice. I can't complain about a relic card in a pack that effectively cost me a dollar, though.)
342 - Danny Sandoval (RC) (I've never heard of him. He's a 29 year old AAAA shortstop. Hmm.)

288 - Cliff Floyd (Floyd is now out of the World Series due to injury, replaced by Eric Hinske who hit a pinch-hit HR tonight. Unfortunately, the HR ended up being pretty meaningless. Incidentally, I had no idea that you could make injury replacement roster changes in the middle of a series. That doesn't seem right.)

Pack 2:

310 - Jason Giambi (Giambi looks like he's about to slide into the waiting mouth of an alligator.)
25 - Craig Counsell

346 - Jimmy Rollins (Jimmy Rollins is just so cool that he even keeps his shades on in the dugout. I still can't believe he was voted NL MVP last year.)
61 - Jay Gibbons
394 - Matt Cain (Cain probably has to constantly remind people: "Hey, I'm pretty good, too!")

109 - Frank Thomas (Thomas appears to be holding the 2005 World Series trophy he won with the White Sox, having already defected to Oakland.)
410 - Joel Piñeiro (I don't feel that I complain about him nearly as much as some Cardinals fans, but he definitely can be frustrating to watch. And he looked so impressive during his early Mariners days...)

122 - Adam Dunn (Dunn just hit a walkoff home run and is about to be mobbed. Either that, or his teammates are planning on beating him up because they know he won't be in Cincinnati forever.)

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