Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bye Week

It's a bye week for both the Ducks and Eagles this weekend, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about the cards I won from Cardboard Junkie's contest awhile back. Demetrius was the top receiver for the Kellen Clemens-led Ducks teams in the mid 00's (or whatever this decade is supposed to be.) This card from... Aspire? I'm not even sure what this set is supposed to be... scores big points for not only being a Duck player, but a Duck player in a Ducks uniform. I've decided to casually collect Ducks football players, but ones in the college uniform are much more desirable to me.

1973 Topps - Mel Tom (I received a handful of vintage Eagles cards as well as some random Eagles stuff from more recent years. "Vintage" to me means it from before 1980.)

I will update this later as I completely ran out of time today. Be sure to keep watching Cardboard Junkie as there are rumors afoot of another contest coming soon.

[10/20 Update: And here's the update. Let's continue...]

Mel Tom's card has a "hilarious" cartoon on the back. Wow. There aren't many words that are fit for this.

1974 Topps - Al Nelson (Al's Wikipedia entry is exactly one sentence long. That's no good. C'mon, football historians, let's get to it.)

This card belongs to Bridget, by the way. Bridget, dear, I'm just holding it for you. You can have it back anytime you want. You know where to find me.

1976 Topps - Will Wynn (Will looks really unexcited to be photographed. Does anyone really like Picture Day? I know there's the 10% or so of the class that just loves mugging for the camera, but Will certainly isn't one of them. I'm sure he was much more comfortable knocking fools down.)

1977 Topps - John Outlaw (True story: I was lazy enough to think for awhile that Mr. Outlaw here was related to Blazers' forward Travis Outlaw. True, his dad is also named John. Also true: his father did partake in the sporting life. That John Outlaw played college basketball, however. This guy is a defensive back.)

1978 Topps - Nick Mike-Mayer (I can't get over how awesome this card looks. The design looks a lot more 60s (or even 50s) than 70s. And Nick, with the mustache and single-bar helmet with nothing but green on the sides looks amazing. How many children of the 50s had hyphenated last names?)

1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond - Doug Pederson (It's easy to forget that Pederson started the first 9 games of Donovan McNabb's rookie season before McNabb tookover. Actually, that entire season is best forgotten.)

1997 Pinnacle Xpress - Ty Detmer (On second thought, I have no idea why I chose to show this card. I can't think of anything to say about Detmer. In football card lore, he was moderately controversial back in 1991 for having a Pro Set card in their NFL set a year before he actually turned pro. In actuality, he was no better than his brother Koy.)

1999 Ultra - Charlie Garner (I always liked Garner. He rarely got an opportunity to be the featured back, but I enjoyed seeing him play when he was given the chance.)

1998 Absolute / Skybox Premium - Bobby Hoying (Wow, somehow I had completely blocked the Bobby Hoying era out of my mind. Here's to another ten years of forgetting all about that disaster.)

1995 Stadium Club / Pacific Prisms - Randall Cunningham (Ah, yes, this is what it's all about. This is why cards are printed. I just saw part of a show about the 1998 Vikings playoff run on the NFL Network the other day and it made me nearly as misty-eyed as a sports-related moment could make me.)

Wow, the Eagles fans holding up the ratings numbers at the bottom of the card are really... strange. I didn't collect football at this point, so I have no idea if all of the cards look like this or if the "fans" vary from card to card.

2006 Fleer / Topps Total - Brian Westbrook (Westbrook is awesome. He really needs to work on staying healthy, though.)

2006 Topps Total - Donovan McNabb (You could say the same about McNabb, too, though he's made it through this season relatively unscathed so far. They really need to bring back Topps Total in all sports.)

2006 Upper Deck - L.J. Smith (Just a nice shot of the current tight end.)


dayf said...

Aspire is a flavor of SA*GE Hit Football Draft pick cards. I wish there were more sets with players wearing college uniforms on them.

Also, the rumors are true...

Erin said...

As a kid, I couldn't stand single bar helmets. They just weren't allowed to exist in my world. When I would see one, I would cringe and loudly protest. My brother would always laugh at this. (Brother Nathan.)