Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baseball Cards + Bubble Gum

My girlfriend gave me the sweetest present for Valentine's Day this year - baseball cards! Even better, it was a blaster of 2008 Topps Heritage (original style). This box boasts of Wal-Mart exclusives instead of the usual Target minis that I've been collecting. I had completely forgotten (or never knew?) that there were Wal-Mart exclusives in this set, so this was a bit of a surprise to me.

Since I have no patience when it comes to baseball cards, it's time to go right to the fun...


HDP4 - David Ortiz Dick Perez (So that's what we have... a Dick Perez art card in the Topps '59 style. Not bad.)

HDP9 - Ichiro Suzuki Dick Perez

HDP5 - Tim Lincecum Dick Perez (I like Lincecum and all, but this is probably my least favorite of the 4 cards that I got. The logo on his hat looks weird and so does everything else about it.)

HDP10 - Prince Fielder Dick Perez (Now I'm going to have to add these cards to my want list.)

Alright, onto the real stuff.

Pack 1:
307 - Kelly Johnson
162 - Garrett Atkins
311 - Jeff Suppan
424 - Juan Uribe
13 - Billy Wagner

C72 - Derek Jeter Chrome 0754 / 1959 (First pack and I get a shiny card. Pretty good start.)
65 - Jason Giambi Black Back
35 - Adam LaRoche Black Back

Pack 2:
10 - Alex Rodriguez (Ahhh! Leper! This seems to be a Yankee-heavy box.)
242 - Huston Street
236 - Mark Grudzielanek
112 - Corey Hart
17 - Jimmy's All-Stars Freddy Sanchez / Jason Bay / Jack Wilson (Who exactly is Jimmy?)
39 - Joe Mauer
344 - Michael Bourn

NAP8 - John Lackey

Pack 3:
268 - Jim Thome
275 - Anibal Sanchez
385 - Geoff Jenkins
417 - Nate Robertson
129 - Luke Hochevar (RC)
334 - Matt Holliday

485 - Miguel Cabrera All-Star (SP) (I don't have many of these all-star cards, since the stupid things are all short-printed. Unfortunately, I already have this.)
13 - Billy Wagner Black Back

Pack 4:
132 - Joe Koshansky (RC) (First card of a guy I've never heard of.)
188 - Adrian Gonzalez
366 - Alex Rodriguez Baseball Thrills (So sick of this guy right now.)
223 - St. Louis Cardinals (Nice! But I think I have three of this card already.)
88 - Clay Buchholz (RC)

TN7 - Early Wynn / Josh Beckett Then & Now
129 - Luke Hochevar (RC) Black Back
334 - Matt Holliday Black Back

Pack 5:
300 - Chase Utley
191 - James Shields
125 - Harvey Garcia (RC) (Second rookie I've never heard of.)
208 - Billy Butler
396 - Joe Blanton
358 - Hideki Okajima
84 - Brad Penny

BF4 - Bill Mazeroski Baseball Flashbacks

Pack 6:
290 - Nate McLouth
104 - Adam Jones

367 - Troy Tulowitzki Baseball Thrills
394 - Ryan Spilborghs (Back-to-back Rocks)
353 - Jeremy Hermida
285 - Chad Billingsley
465 - Augie Ojeda (SP) (Only my second short print and I already have it, too.)
84 - Brad Penny Black Back

Pack 7:
142 - Rich Thompson (RC)
271 - Andy Phillips
251 - Alex Gonzalez
403 - Scott Baker
187 - Carlos Silva
116 - Wladimir Balentien (RC)

NF2 - Buddy Holly News Flashbacks (Does The Big Bopper ever get any baseball cards?)
285 - Chad Billingsley Black Back

I ended up with slightly more doubles than not, though only one of the black backs was a double. Still, I got "good value" out of the box and I didn't have any of the inserts. I've updated my want / trade list for 2008 Topps Heritage, so let me know if you're interested in a trade.


Erin said...

Baseball cards are the sweetest present? Man. And to think I almost didn't get you any.

We'll have to change the old adage to "the way to a man's heart is through .. cardboard?"

Seriously, though. I hate to think the best thing I give you are ... paper goods.

Cuyahogabend said...

We picked up that Lincecum for Isaac's favorite player binder last week. I agree he looks kinda goofy on it.

Interested in a Heritage trade? Here's our Heritage High list: We're still working on a Heritage 1- 500 list but will get that posted soon.

Slette said...

Interesting story that is interesting only to me: Buddy Holly's plane crashed ten minutes from my home. Every February, the north Iowa area gets overrun with fans coming to pay tribute. It's kinda like Sturgis with poodle skirts.