Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Swiped from Hand Collated & Group Break Results

Hand Collated broke open a box of 1999 Bowman Series 1 awhile back and I swooped in to pick up some extras that were left on the floor. I've got some cards going out in return soon because that's the way these things work. Adam Kennedy got a light blue border here, while the other two have red borders. I'm guessing this is because of Kennedy's status as a rookie/young prospect while the others were cagey veterans, but it could be totally random as I haven't seen many of these cards.

I wonder what Ray Lankford is up to these days. He was such a popular player for many years, so it would be nice to see him working in the organization or something.

McGwire had an open invitation to come back to the team in some capacity at one point. I'm sure that offer is always around as long as La Russa and Duncan are around. It's doubtful that it'll ever happen, of course. McGwire's continued desire to stay out of the spotlight these days is pretty well known.


I also participated in a group break done by Saints of the Cheap Seats recently. A group break, essentially, is set up so that the "breaker" purchases a group of unopened packs of cards - typically higher end type of stuff (fancier cards than I normally go after) and pools money together with other interested parties to fund the endeavor. People pay for a team slot (or multiple teams, depending on the setup) and receive all of the cards that come out of the "break" for that particular team. Usually teams are assigned randomly, but in this case we were able to choose our own teams which is why it appealed to me. I normally don't participate in these, but it is fun to do every once in a blue moon and I could see myself doing it again if I could choose the team again.

I ended up getting two stunning looking cards, an Ozzie Smith jersey card and a lowly old base card of Albert Pujols, which actually blows away most inserts and parallels that I've ever seen. Seriously, the scans from my cheap scanner do not do them justice.


  1. I've never heard you use the word 'stunning' before.

  2. I'm just full of surprises. Maybe next time I'll use the word exquisite.


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