Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A&G: Best of the Blaster

Because I am filled with evil and I like to see everyone's pockets get drained in these tough economic times, while at Target over the weekend looking for 2009 packs I convinced my unsuspecting girlfriend to buy an Allen & Ginter blaster. (Erin: "I wanted to buy it. I just needed convincing to spend my hard earned cash.") Here is the best pack of the box.

57 - Ben Sheets (This is one of the horizontal A&G cards that really works for me. Others have pointed out how much dead space there is on some of them. This one shows Sheets' entire wingspan. Unfortunately for him, he fell out of the free agent race and the Brewers might not even get compensated for it if he doesn't pitch by the June draft.) (Erin: "I am not a fan of this card's face.")
131 - Todd Helton (Erin says: "He seems drawn to me. His cards seem drawn to me.")

163 - Jeremy Hermida

WL46 - Tenzin Gyatso (Tenzin makes another Cards on Cards appearance. This time he's upgraded to a scanner-quality picture.) Erin: "Feel free to give me all of your World Leaders cards. Thanks."

AGR-GA - Garret Anderson Framed Jersey (Not bad! I've never pulled one of these after several packs and 4 blasters, but Erin got one here, which she believes is her second in 6 boxes. Anderson is rumored to be a candidate to head to Seattle, which might make sense, but I don't see how he's much better than some of the players they've had in the past like Ibanez. Erin: "Neat! I wish it was Figgy.")
- Checklist 3 of 4

347 - David DeJesus (SP) (This one's mine. Ha, ha, ha! You can't have it. Erin is also giving me a Vladdy card from her box. The set is getting there... little by little.)
290 - Ken Griffey Jr. (Will Griffey have a job by Opening Day? Hell, will Adam Dunn have one?)

That's right, 7 cards, checklist notwithstanding. And no stealth US Flag card to make it 7. The only packs I've found that had extra cards usually had two minis that both had roller marks on them, probably due to a machine jamming and spitting out too many cards or something. Erin also got a shark card in the box - the same shark that I've pulled twice, unfortunately. Tiger sharks just love us.

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Dinged Corners said...

It was impossible for us to not buy an A&G blaster even when we had the base set. Good thing we don't see them anymore. They have power that defeats logic. Nice Garrett!