Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thoughts, Sox and Miscellany

I got a few cards in the mail the other day from Thoughts and Sox, a nice surprise completing a trade that I had somewhat forgotten about. I sent over some UD Masterpieces Red Sox cards and some Turkey Red doubles. In return, I got some of Adam's extra 2008 Topps Heritage cards (happened to need them all) and a few Cardinals including a Brian Barton Timeline SP design card. I've really come around on the Timeline set. If only I lived closer to a reasonably priced hobby shop, I probably would have bought a bunch of the hobby packs by now. I just won three hobby packs on eBay yesterday, though, so I will at least have a few to open soon. I still need a handful of Cardinals cards from the set, which are listed in my General Want List on the sidebar.

Normally you won't see too many Red Sox cards on this blog, but I had to let a few sneak in here. I wonder who was in charge of coming up with things to say on these subset cards like "Batter Bafflers". Really? You have Dice-K and Beckett and that's the best you can come up with?

I guess the jury's still out on Clay Buchholz. Rookies/young pitchers who throw no-hitters can seemingly go in any direction. For Clay's sake, we'll hope he won't go the direction of former Cardinals Bud Smith and Jose Jimenez.


I may be purchasing a cheap all-in-one printer/scanning combo machine in the very near future. The Brian Barton card at the top of this post is a good example of why, though I also haven't owned a proper printer since my early model mid-'80s Mac that I used to write papers with in high school (which was not in the mid-'80s.) If anyone has any recommendations (or un-recommendations), feel free to leave a comment. I'm planning on hitting up the recently bankrupt Circuit City today, although internet chatter claims that their liquidation sales are pretty much a scam and nothing more.


Speaking of 2008 Heritage, I finally got my want list for that monster of a set together and it's now on the sidebar. I definitely welcome trades, and if you can't find anything else to trade me and you have extras of this stuff, I'm sure there are plenty of cards I need that you have.


The Blazers posts will return at the All-Star break, which is coming up in a week or so. I went from being burned out on them to just being lazy and forgetful. I will also have a shiny "new" hobby box to open that I will do as soon as I get this scanner thing resolved.


  1. The Batter Bafflers card is a remake of the original 1959 Topps card Batter Baffelers that featured Brewer and Sisler. The better remake is the Infield Power card. The original featured Runnels-Gernert-Malzone and the remake features even better Infield Power in Lowell-Pedrioa-Youkilis. I wrote a post comparing them here:

    Take a look, I think Topps did a good job recreating them; expecially the Infield Power card.

    By the way I am glad you still needed the cards as long as it took me to get them to you. I'm sorry once again,next time I will get them out sooner.

  2. Yes, I think all the combo card titles in '08 Heritage are the same titles they used in combo cards in '59 Topps.

    Good luck with the printer/scanner. My printer's gone kaput. Fortunately scanner part is still working.


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