Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Phun with Phungo

Last week I got a surprise package from deal at Phungo, containing a couple of Cards cards from my want lists. I'm missing a surprising number of 2007 Upper Deck cards, especially from Series 2. Here it looks like Gary Bennett is celebrating one of his four big HRs that all came in the same week of 2006, most likely the walkoff grand slam against the Cubs on 8/27 mentioned on the back. It's crazy to think that the Cards probably wouldn't have won the 2006 title without Gary Bennett.

I'm seriously considering collecting Chris Carpenter cards beyond just his Birds on the Bat cardboard displays. I love watching him pitch.

I also am the proud owner of some shiny new Phungo Cards. Check out the blog for many more of these cards. Kenny Mayne is my favorite ESPN personality of all-time, so this was a fun one to get.

Ryan Ludwick has far too few cards in a St. Louis uniform, so this is a welcome sight as well.

Again, check out Phungo for more - you may even learn something!

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  1. I am glad the cards got there safe and it is cool the Kenny Maye card found a good home. There is only one Cardinal in the set, so I tossed in some West Coast cards and other randoms. I try and throw one oddball into each pack and Mayne happened to fit into both the West Coast (Mariners) and the odd ball theme.


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