Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Smed's Sparkling Sparkles

Smed's Baseball Card Blog sent over a nifty (do people still use that word?) package last month containing a bunch of fun Cardinal things and a few set needs. If you're not already familiar for some reason, Smed's pretty much has the one card post thing down to a science and also is a prolific trading blog.

I am not softening my stance on the sparkly inserts or their vomitous cousins, but it doesn't mean that I don't want them in my Cardinals binders. I'm having a hard time actually keeping track of which 2011 Topps cards I still need, but I hope to have a handle on that soon.

So far, all is well on the Wainwright front. Let's hope it stays that way. I am sure that his innings will be a bit limited this season, but it will be great to have him back.

Mark Hamilton's Cardinal career was certainly stunted by the emergence of Allen Craig, and to a lesser extent, David Freese. Hamilton absolutely destroyed the PCL last season, but he doesn't really play any defense and at age 27 he's probably running short on time.

And on to the non-Cardinals section, here's a nifty Mantle insert card from a set I like to collect. Speaking of which, when does 2012 Heritage come out?

Dude, it's a dude!

And yes, here's a whole bunch of Murph cards. I guessing Bipping is still a thing? The man with the extremely long neck is a Portland native, so I wonder if that factored in at all?

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