Monday, June 25, 2012

5 on the 5: 2012 Topps Series 2

I finally took the plunge and ponied up for some 2012 Topps Series 2 packs as I mentioned recently. Here we are in late June, and I've only bought something like 15 total packs of the flagship Topps series. I should be proud of myself, I guess. Unlike with Series 1, however, I didn't get in on a group break so I am going to have to do a lot more chasing to get the Cardinals cards I need for my collection. These packs managed to help a little bit, though.

Pack 1:
419 - Cameron Maybin (Maybin started to show some life last year as a useful, productive player when he stole 40 bases, but he's really not been a lot of help to my fantasy team this time around.)

402 - Allen Craig (It's nice to hit a Cardinal so early on. This is a nice shot from last year's World Series. My favorite photos are when the baseball is captured mid-flight.)
450 - Justin Upton
556 - Stephen Strasburg
584 - Daric Barton (The one-time Cardinals prospect has been the ultimate Moneyball player. He walks a lot and is still relatively cheap, though he's had a rough time since his 2010 breakout season.)
445 - Ramon Santiago

399 - Brian McCann Golden Parallel (Well, Yadier Molina has finally surpassed this six-time All-Star as an offensive player. For now. I'm crossing my fingers.)

GF-37 - Jordan Walden Gold Futures (I believe this is a new-to-Series 2 insert set. I'm guessing there are relic versions of these with the relic replacing the team logo.)
517 - Francisco Liriano
486 - Jerry Sands
521 - Ruben Tejada
627 - Justin Smoak (I wonder if he'll ever put it together.)

Pack 2:
421 - Heath Bell
389 - Alexi Casilla
449 - Shane Victorino

507 - Norichika Aoki (I think with the arrival of Aoki, Cespedes and others this season, the novelty of the international prospect has finally worn off. These players are being judged for what they do on the field now.)
534 - Hector Gomez

GM-9 - Ryan Howard Golden Moments (Howard is making 20 million dollars this season. I wonder if he has any more Subway commercials in him.)
GGC-12 - Felix Hernandez Golden Giveaway Code (It's time to see what I get with my first code from Series 2... Detroit Tigers team coin!)
608 - Paul Goldschmidt
563 - Alex White
525 - Paul Maholm
510 - Randall Delgado
536 - Kendrys Morales

Pack 3:
398 - Buster Posey

415 - Rafael Furcal (Fookie!)
519 - Gio Gonzalez
465 - Michael Schwimer
484 - Hisashi Iwakuma

540 - Dustin Pedroia Golden Parallel (He's flying.)
GGC-14 - Clayton Kershaw Golden Giveaway Code (Another code! And it's... a David Ortiz coin! I also passed some sort of threshold that affords me a free code, which for some reason showed me a graphic of a certain Angels first baseman on a gold coin wearing a Brewers cap and looking like Ryan Braun. And my bonus prize is... an Adrian Gonzalez coin!)
569 - Travis Hafner

371 - Jim Thome (Word up.)
611 - Neftali Feliz
596 - Freddy Garcia
545 - Randy Wolf

Pack 4:

407 - Torii Hunter (Hunter continues to have some of the most entertaining baseball cards out there.)
567 - Mike Stanton
655 - Ryan Doumit
337 - Glen Perkins
568 - Jason Castro

CD-18 - Robinson Cano Career Day (This is another new-to-Series 2 parallel, but I actually like the design.)

355 - Mark Buehrle Target Red Parallel (The Cards start a series against the Tacky Fish tomorrow, but they'll miss Buehrle.)

490 - Chris Carpenter (Get well soon, Carp!)
471 - James Shields
395 - Jonathan Lucroy
485 - Carlos Marmol (I think I stepped on a marmol once.)
549 - Kelly Johnson

Pack 5:
403 - Bronson Arroyo
334 - Anthony Rizzo (The super-hyped Rizzo is supposedly making his debut with the Small Bears on Tuesday.)
447 - Jair Jurrjens

530 - Cliff Pennington (I like the throwback uni.)
538 - Wilson Betemit

GM-30 - Mark Teixeira Golden Moments

GGC-19 - Derek Jeter Golden Giveaway Code (Nice to get three codes in five packs. I'm a bit past the point of being excited about virtual coins, however. I got a Lou Gehrig HOF coin.)

376 - Carlos Quentin (A non-Photoshopped player in his new uniform!)
590 - Humberto Quintero (Don't tell Topps or anything, but Quintero was traded before the season even started yet appears in his former Astros uniform here.)
426 - Eric Hinske
467 - Juan Francisco
350 - Evan Longoria

Everything here is up for grabs aside from the Cardinals card and the flying Pedroia, because Erin likes the flying guys.


  1. I'll send you a package for that McCann gold play at the plate.

  2. Hello, I can use the Buehrle Red Border. Send me an email if you like, and perhaps we could work something out.



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