Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Search Of: Gypsy Queen


One of my new goals with this blog is to be even more straight-forward about its purpose. And that purpose is to get me cards that I want and get rid of cards that I don't want. To that end, this post is all about letting the public know that I need some 2012 Gypsy Queen cards. I only lack Allen Craig and a David Freese variation card (the one where he's throwing) to have all of the full-sized Cardinals base cards. Unfortunately, I need a whole lot of minis and whatever inserts may exist. A complete (to the best of my knowledge) list can be found by clicking on the St. Louis Cardinals link on the sidebar.

I participated in a Gypsy Queen group break over at Cardboard Heaven recently, which is how I ended up with the majority of the base team set. I also picked up a discounted blaster ($15) just for kicks at a show recently, so I will have the results of that here soon. This will add to the growing trade bait pile, along with a couple of Frank Thomas Straight Cut minis that came along with my Cardinals lot. Any Big Hurt or White Sox fans out there? I actually have a ton of White Sox cards that would count as trade bait that I probably should do something with.

I'm sure everyone else is sick of seeing this, but I'll never get tired of it. Meanwhile, I'm ready for the Cardinals fortunes to turn around this season... anytime now, guys!

Minis are great. So is Yadi.

I also managed to pick up a few Cardinals extras in the package, including this golden Photoshopped Berkman. It would be nice to see Berkman back in uniform at some point this season, but you never know.

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