Monday, June 18, 2012

A Heritage Blister

I'm finally getting back in the swing of things, and that means I'm allowed the occasional card purchase at the big box retail store. I picked up a three-pack blister of 2012 Topps Heritage, which like last year contains a black retail exclusive quasi-parallel set. I never got close to finishing last year's, but I am still keeping the list around. And while I'd like to say I will buy more of these, with hobby boxes as cheap as they are right now, there's probably no point.

Black Pack:

HP77 - Mark Teixeira (As you can see, the white border is replaced by a black one. I liked last year's black-meets-wood panel look better, but I'm not sure what else they could have done here.)

HP93 - 2011 National League Home Run Leaders (So these, for some reason, don't have black borders? This makes no sense. Is there anything different about this other than the card number on the back?)

HP99 - Tom Milone / Addison Reed / Matt Moore / Dellin Betances 2012 Rookie Stars (Same thing here. I don't get it and I don't like it.)

Pack 1:
283 - Brad Lidge

407 - Matt Dominguez / Jeremy Moore / Devin Mesoraco / Michael Taylor 2012 Rookie Stars (More floating heads.)
191 - Liam Hendriks / Alex Liddi / Matt Moore / Chris Schwinden 2012 Rookie Stars (Man, there are a lot of these in this set.)
279 - Matt Kemp (Please stay off the DL for the rest of the year, Matt. My fantasy team needs you.)
373 - Michael Young
183 - Mark Teixeira (Him again.)

312 - Tampa Bay Rays (One of my favorite things about Heritage cards.)
228 - Nick Hagadone / Josh Satin / Jared Hughes / Joe Benson 2012 Rookie Stars
260 - Anthony Rizzo

Pack 2:
53 - Freddie Freeman (Did we ever find out if he's going blind or not?)
374 - Tim Milone (One of the floating heads gets his own card.)

93 - Johan Santana (Normally, I would have started rooting for Santana to finish out his no-hitter once he reached the 9th inning even though it was against my own team. However, after seeing replay after replay of the botched call where Carlos Beltran had a sure-thing double taken away made me root for the Cards even more. It's nice to see Santana back to being productive, I guess.)
419 - Casey Janssen
92 - Austin Romine
116 - Vance Worley

485 - Mike Napoli (Short printed card of the slugging catcher/first baseman.)

97 - Kyle Lohse (First regular Cardinal card of the blister pack.)
25 - Delmon Young

Pack 3:
147 - "Deep" Freese Makes Texas Toast World Series (I get it!)
180 - Mitch Moreland
362 - Matt Dominguez / Chris Schwinden / Joe Savery / Brad Peacock 2012 Rookie Stars
14 - Justin Masterson
21 - Drew Stubbs (The Reds finally lost, no thanks to Drew Stubbs who is currently on the DL.)

430 - Ben Zobrist (Here's another SP. Not bad for three packs, though this means no inserts for me.)
367 - Trayvon Robinson
289 - Mariano Rivera
66 - Sergio Santos

Want list coming shortly... which is to say, I need all of the cards.

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