Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trading With Reader Dave

Reader Dave, a Blue Jays fan from the country up north, was kind enough to send me a super deluxe package of Redbirds which arrived right before I went on vacation at the beginning of this month. Unfortunately, I still haven't mailed his return package. Expect that to be rectified tomorrow.

Bryan Anderson has been buried in prospect purgatory. It was nice to received this shiny purple serial numbered refractor. Although this one still suffers from the curvy "Pringle" effect, I can report that despite everyone's greatest fears, most of my 2010 Topps Chrome cards are a lot less curvy and can almost pass for normal cards.

This guy might drive Cleveland fans nuts, but he's not exactly saying things that aren't true. He's also proving himself to be a tremendous closer. The Cardinals eventually ended up with Jason Motte in the closer role instead of Perez, which has had its (mostly good) moments for sure. I like Motte a lot, but what I'm really saying is that I wouldn't mind having Perez back.

I really like these Heritage minor league cards. I don't know if they're doing them this year (not sure that I'd be as interested) but I'd like to find a checklist of the Cardinals affiliated ones from 2011 to see which ones I'm missing.

I believe this is an insert from the American Heritage set. I didn't even think about the possibility of baseball cards being in this non-sports set.

Here's a rather unflattering close-up of the guy that's done a tremendous job filling in for Chris Carpenter this year.

Steven Hill has 10 plate appearances in his major league career, 3 of which were in 2010. He did homer in his first at bat, but he's been used as more of a fourth catcher type. This is the first card I've owned of his.

I know that not everyone liked the blaster manupatches, but when they're done like this, I am not going to complain all that much. Wait, they're done making these, right?

And to finish it off, here's a tremendous looking Jon Jay auto/jersey from last year's Triple Threads set. Jay's return to the lineup has sparked off five straight victories for the Birds, something I really can't complain about.

Thanks again to Dave, who should keep an eye on the mailbox soon.


  1. Ok, that makes the package I'm working on look poor.

  2. The guy's name is "John Jay" and he can't even sign THAT legibly?

  3. Holy Crap...thanks for the Package I'm staring at the SL Olerud on my desk right now. I have some more stuff that I have accumulated since the original package including a sweet Beltran Ginter for you. Your package rocked! Loved the Rasmii too!

    Send me your addy, and i'll flip you some more "Cards".


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