Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 on the 5: 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes, Redux

It seems like I've done this before. Ah yes, I have. One of the area card shops usually has these packs at $1 a pop. They definitely beat most of what is at Target these days. I don't really know why I keep buying them, though, since the set is small and I probably don't need any of the Cardinals in the set anymore. These are all up for grabs if anyone sees something they like.

Pack 1:

8 - Roberto Alomar - How did this guy manage to sneak into the Hall under the wire, before we started glaring at everyone who dare got near its hallowed doors?

68 - Barry Larkin - Repeat what I said above.
45 - Livan Hernandez
1 - Catfish Hunter
88 - Andy Pettitte - Active player!

Pack 2:
65 - Ken Griffey Sr.
41 - Omar Vizquel

13 - Chipper Jones

33 - Steve Garvey - Garvey probably had sex with at least half of the wives of the voting members of the BBWAA, so he's out.
6 - Joe Carter

Pack 3:

48 - Tom Seaver
70 - Ty Cobb
32 - Kirk Gibson

5 - Rickey Henderson - Rickey's not going to be stopped if you give Rickey heavy metal shoes.
90 - Jorge Posada

Pack 4:
48 - Tom Seaver

19 - John Smoltz
32 - Kirk Gibson
5 - Rickey Henderson
90 - Jorge Posada (Lots of repeat offenders in this pack.)

Pack 5:
89 - David Wells
63 - Wade Boggs

39 - Jim Thome - Active player!
52 - Robin Ventura

23 - Ozzie Smith - Nice way to end things. Too bad I've already got this one.

Some of these cards are earmarked for a few trade stacks I have going, but if you see anything you like, feel free to drop me a note.


  1. Is that Ventura as a Met or a White Sox? Cuz I would jump all over the Thome and the Ventura if both are available.

  2. Ventura is a Met as it is commemorating the World Series he appeared in (2000 I think?) Unfortunately, I already packed that away for someone, but I can check to see if I have another filed away. The Thome is all yours.


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