Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It Was Just One Game

It was just one game. It was just one game. It was just one game. It was just one game. It was just one game. It was just one game. It was just one game. It was just one game. It was just one game. It was just one game. It was just one game. It was just one game.

Okay, so part of me is afraid to watch my tape of tonight's Cardinals/Rockies game. I'm not going to talk about last night's game. It didn't happen. Okay, maybe it happened, but it was just one game... one-one hundred sixty second of a season. One man who was reportedly in attendance that horrible evening was the owner and proprietor of Play at the Plate. Interestingly enough, he sent me a restaurant quality prize package for winning his monthly contest for June. I was actually pretty proud of myself for this one.

My 2010 Topps Heritage was assaulted. There were few survivors. Ryan Howard had this to say about the destruction and devastation: "Uh... where's the rest of my body? I guess I'm just destined to be 'short printed' the rest of my life."

Okay, I'm sorry, that was awful. I'm still going to blame that game. I haven't been right all day. I scanned this Rogers Hornsby Baseball Thrills card that I'm pretty sure I've already featured here before. There's a stack here of probably 100 cards and I couldn't even manage to pick three that I hadn't scanned already.

Switching gears for a minute, here's a J.D. Drew relic. A few Cardinals were thrown in with the Heritage stack and, as always, I've very grateful. Normally, a memorabilia card would be the highlight of the whole post, but it's J.D. Drew... but... hey, this is still great. (I'll probably never get an unsolicited relic card again! Oops.) Seriously, though, I would cherish a Jason LaRue Cardinals relic if someone sent it to me.

Anyway, I suppose that my point is that I like this card even better. Blue refractors? More, please.

Finally, I also was able to obtain my first few 2010 Bowman cards. This is probably going to be the only way I get Bowman cards this year considering I have yet to see any packs in any stores, shops or roadside stands anywhere. There's truly something weird and unsettling about seeing a "retro design" from when I was in high school - not to mention from a set I couldn't afford to collect.

Here's Matt Holliday with his patented leg kick. I'm still waiting for a card with a photo from 2010 instead of when he wore #15 (i.e. Jim Edmonds's number.)


A couple of random notes here that I guess I didn't feel merited their own posts:


night owl said...

Do not -- I repeat -- DO NOT watch the tape of tonight's Rockies-Cardinals game.

What is going on?

madding said...

Too late... I was lying and was actually five innings into the damn thing by the time I posted this.

I don't have anything rational to say about this right now.