Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Latest Topps Cash Grab

I stopped by Target today in search of a gift for a family member that in no way whatsoever involved baseball cards when I just happened to casually walk by the trading card aisle on my way to the register. (Yes, it really went down this way. Really!) I happened upon another style of value pack from Topps in which you get 5 regular Series 1 packs, 2 Heritage hobby packs, 2 Diamond Giveaway codes and an exclusive refractor for 14.99.

Also tucked in the back of the box is this interesting little booklet which lists each card from the Topps 60 along with a small writeup. There's also team-by-team schedules and coupons for things that are unrelated to baseball cards. I don't see myself saving on lawn fertilizer anytime soon, but I might use the $10 off a copy of MLB 2K11 someday.

Finally, the bonus refractor is either Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle or Jackie Robinson. These look really nice to me. They kind of remind me of a cross between Diamond Kings and early Topps Finest, although it is entirely possible I don't know what I'm talking about.

There wasn't a lot to write about with regards to the packs themselves, and I actually was unable to redeem either of the 2 guaranteed codes as the website claimed that they were invalid. I already have an e-mail into Topps about that issue, so we'll see what happens. Someone, somewhere is robbing me of a perfectly good 1987 Steve Jeltz card.


Colbey said...

I saw these today for the first time @ Target, but I remember reading on someone's blog about those Diamond codes all being screwed I passed and went with a few discount packs from the bargain boxes.

Laurens said...

On the Blowout Cards forum, people are complaining about not making a profit off reselling the code cards because of the invalid code snafu.