Sunday, April 24, 2011


What happened yesterday afternoon in Portland was amazing. It was national news, the lead story on ESPN, etc. People are still talking about it. To make a long story short, the Blazers entered the 4th quarter trailing by 18 points, having shot just 28% for the game. They missed their first 15 shots in the 3rd quarter (it was actually a close game at halftime) and at one point trailed by 23. The hero of the day, once again, was Brandon Roy. His alter-ego, the guy that feels sorry for himself and doesn't know how he fits in with the team anymore with his broken knees, stepped into the phone booth once again and put on the SuperRoy cape. Buckets ensued. 15 of 20 shots were made in the 4th. A four-point play tied the game late and the Blazers went on to even the series.

I couldn't find another Roy card to post that I haven't already scanned, so I went with the 2010-11 Donruss team card, which is not only my favorite Blazers card of the year but might actually be my favorite card of the year, period. It also offers perhaps the only tangible evidence that Fabricio Oberto actually played for the Blazers. Check it out: he's the fifth player from the right. Thanks again to Cardboard Collections for the card.

Check out some very well-compiled video of the game here.


Anonymous said...

I have always been a Roy fan and a Cuban hater. I'm from Texas and loved seeing Dallas lose.

Fuji said...

Amazing comeback... Congratulations Blazer fans!