Monday, April 18, 2011

Minor League Cards, Major League Price

I'll admit it. I really like minor league cards. I like the idea of them, at least. I don't like them being hobby exclusive, or three dollars a pack for 8 cards that are no more or less "premium" than the regular Topps base set. I bought two packs recently after finally finding someone that actually sells them. One is here. Here's the other.

364 - Lars Anderson

380 - Su-Min Jung (The backs of the cards are quite similar to the base set, but there are no stats on the back to speak of. I really, really don't like this.)

384 - Cody Rogers (Cody Rogers could not be more pleased with his life.)

438 - Bruce Billings (Baseball Prospectus 2011 breaks from its usual tone of sarcasm and negativity to say this about Billings: "his low-90s fastball and solid slider proved effective in his new role [in the bullpen].")

TT9 - Jeremy Hellickson Tools of the Trade (Numerous people in numerous places told me to draft this guy, so I did. Let's hope those people were on to something.)

241 - Juan Carlos Sulbaran (DRAGONS! Huge GE logo! I love minor league baseball.)

293 - Robert Stock (Here's the token Cardinal prospect. Stock's stock dipped a bit last season according to Baseball Prospectus.)

222 - Tanner Scheppers (You know those people who say "yeppers!" when they are acknowledging in the affirmative? I don't like those people.)

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The Lost Collector said...

I love this set too, but really can't afford to bust packs/wax. I've gotten a lot of my singles via SportLots, and I've been using them for TTM since once the Big League season starts, successes are few and far between.