Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trading with The Angels, In Order

As much as I love the Cardinals and love receiving cards of said team, it's almost a relief to open up a package that someone has sent me in the mail and see a bunch of cards from a set or several sets that I'm collecting inside. I feel like I have so many sets on my want lists right now that I'm not getting anything done. Of course, maybe that's me letting my work life bleed into my hobby life a little too much. I received such a package from The Angels, In Order: full of want list needs even if it was Cardinals-free.

Ah, Kurt Miller. Life was so young and fun back then. Just posing for pictures, tossing up baseball in the air... not a care in the world. Kurt Miller ended up with a career ERA of 7.48 with a WHIP heading dangerously close to 2. This packaged knocked out a significant chunk of my 1993 Upper Deck needs, including quite a few of the Star Rookie cards. They can be hard to find in decent shape and I also just, for whatever reason, was missing a lot of them. I'm now down to missing less than 40 total cards for the set, which is nice.

At this point, short printed 2008 Heritage cards are like shiny undiscovered treasures to me. I need a ton of them and have no aspirations of getting all of them any time soon. I was so happy to receive this that I actually posted a Josh Beckett card on my blog.

Included were a handful of 2007 Heritage SPs as well. Rafael Soriano is one of the best closers in the entire league, if not the best. So what did the Yankees go and do? They threw huge money piles at him to not close. He's setting up for Mariano Rivera at the moment. Still, I don't really hate the strategy as Rivera won't last forever and they probably established some pretty good relations with his future replacement by throwing said money piles his way in the meantime.

And speaking of the Yankees, there's this guy. Hopes are dwindling that someone less deplorable will replace Barry Bonds as the all-time career home run hitter, not that Rodriguez himself comes without his own tainted past. Many were looking towards Griffey to somehow be that guy, but he rather rapidly turned into someone who would more likely need assistance crossing a busy street than need a hanging breaking ball to mash over the wall.

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