Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainouts Are No Fun

Here's a few Cardinals cards to tide you over until tomorrow's doubleheader, half of which I probably won't be able to watch. Stupid job.

Man, I need to clean my scanner.

This is the one guy that I really think needed these off days. I know that his bat has shown signs of life lately. That pretty much goes for most of the roster. I just don't like seeing Pujols overworking himself in mid-April.

Dig those crazy socks! This is from the "Lost Cards" series. One thing I really miss out on for not being a St. Louis native is Stan Musial's lasting presence in that city.

Thanks to The Lost Collector for these three 2011 Topps needs.

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Anonymous said...

The weather really was NASTY here -- large hail in several places, tornado sightings, strong wind...we were lucky here to only have pea-size hail