Sunday, September 25, 2011

Three Days Left!

It's hard to imagine, but by this time next week we'll already be talking about playoff games, postseason pitching matchups and roster constructions. There are only three games left to play in the regular season. Three!

Apropos of nothing, here's a trade post about a package received from Night Owl Cards, one of the most prolific sports card bloggers and package senderers that you'll find anywhere. Yes, he's a senderer.

I have a feeling that Gypsy Queen is the kind of set that I'm going to really appreciate in a few years, but just haven't had the time for this year. I think I'm actually headed in the opposite direction and have definitely considered not touching anything next year that isn't Heritage or Ginter. I doubt I will have the will to resist the urge to buy random packs, though. That always gets me.

Albert Pujols received multiple, prolonged standing ovations in today's game against the Cubs, the regular season home finale at Busch Stadium. I really have a hard time seeing Pujols in another uniform next year. I think the man will get paid, and I think the team will look at what Pujols is likely to get on the open market and give it to him. They gave Berkman a fair deal, and I just don't see it being advantageous to the team and its fanbase if they try to low-ball the best player in baseball who has been their franchise player for 11 seasons.

Okay, okay... fine. I just broke my season-long vow not to talk about the Pujols situation on this blog! I guess I just couldn't wait.

Here's something different. It seems so long ago that Jim Edmonds was set to join the Cardinals before finding that his injury that he suffered last year with the Reds was much more severe than anticipated. I would have enjoyed that last Edmonds victory lap, and Colby Rasmus would have gotten traded either way.

Most of the package was actually Ginter set needs, but I just couldn't come up with a whole lot to say about any of the cards. That doesn't make them or this package any less important. I just wanted to talk about the Cardinals. Drew Storen makes the cut here, however, as I temporarily became a Nats fan this weekend for... some reason.


The Chop Keeper said...

I've been involved in some of the interactions on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's site, as well as on talkingchop, so let me ask you this: As a fan, would you rather be where the Cards are (ie-playing good ball, finishing against the worst team in baseball, but still 1 game back). Or, would you want to be where the Braves are-no offense, pitching burned out, 1 game up, finishing against Philly? To be honest, I'd rather be where the Cards are.

night owl said...

Pujols ain't going anywhere.

madding said...

I've been concerned about the Astros series ever since I first saw the schedule, sometime late last year. For whatever reason, Minute Maid has been a house of horrors for the Cards in the past 7 years or so. That being said, I think they're in a better position than Atlanta right now, but nothing would surprise me at this point.

Play at the Plate said...

The Cards are definitely in a better spot than Atlanta. Boston is in a better spot than Tampa. I think the Cards and Sox win the wild card spots.

I second Night Owl's thinking that Pujols is going to be a Cardinal next year and beyond.