Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Truly Bizarre Season, Represented in Picture Cards

Things are getting pretty weird now, not that they weren't weird from the beginning this season. I already covered Adron Chambers last night. His card, as with the rest of the cards in this post, were sent to me by reader Ryan in a little want-list-filler-for-Cardinals swap.

Matt Holliday's own personal 2011 season might go down as one of the most bizarre of all-time. One can only imagine what his diary would look like this year, if grown multi-millionaire men actually kept those sorts of things. After a spectacular opening game, Holliday went through an emergency appendectomy. He had a balky quadriceps muscle at one point, which caused him to miss additional time. He's dealt with back problems. He strained his side muscle during a pregame workout. At one point, a moth flew into Holliday's ear and he had to get pulled from a game. His latest malady involves a finger that he strained in the on deck circle. He may or may not return this season.

Okay, Rogers Hornsby has nothing to do with the 2011 season. This is just a cool card.

Just to show that this season was doomed from the start, Adam Wainwright was diagnosed with Severe Elbow Failure before the season even starter and underwent successful Tommy John surgery. The trouble is, Wainwright is one of the premiere pitchers in the National League and all the Lance Berkman Berking in the world can't save a beleaguered pitching staff.

As a cruel reminder of the total bizarreness of the 2011 Cardinals, here's a jersey card of the Cards' top young talent... who happens to be a Blue Jay now.

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