Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You Can't Stop Adron Chambers, You Can Only Hope To Contain Him

The Zombie Cardinals are still roaming the earth, thanks in part to a key bases loaded triple by first-time call-up Adron Chambers. For Chambers, it was his second pivotal late game hit in recent days. St. Louis kept pace in the wild card race (to go along with an Atlanta win and a San Francisco loss) and I will reveal contents of a new Allen & Ginter blaster in semi-celebration.

Pack 1:
87 - Colby Lewis

173 - Mariano Rivera (In case you haven't heard... oh, nevermind.)
22 - Michael Bourn
215 - Andrew McCutchen (It will be interesting to see how long McCutchen remains a Pirate.)

PP2 - Mike Gellner Portraits of Penultimacy (Dude is from Portland. Good town, I hear.)

HH7 - CC Sabathia Hometown Heroes

Pack 2:
98 - Jason Bay (Bay hit a career high 36 HRs in 2009 and has hit just 18 since.)
58 - Alcides Escobar

BHS-17 - Texas Rangers Baseball Highlight Sketches
325 - Mike Stanton (Stanton may yet be a perennial home run king, but he's got to work on that whole strikeouts thing.)

SRU2 - Fire Breathing Step Right Up

FF18 - HMS Devastation Floating Fortresses (Anything with Devastation in the name must be one fortress to be reckoned with.)

Pack 3:
183 - Mike Napoli (Shockingly, Napoli has an OPS over 1.000 this season. Don't pitch to him!)
124 - Chad Billingsley

41 - Carlos Santana (Santana broke the Cleveland team record for most home runs by a switch hitter on Monday. Not bad.)
166 - Geovany Soto
260 - Alex Rodriguez Mini
HH98 - Clay Buchholz Hometown Heroes

Pack 4:
269 - Derrek Lee (I wasn't even used to Lee in a Braves uniform and he's gone and switched teams two more times since.)
53 - Chipper Jones
300 - Ryan Braun
345 - Zack Greinke
182 - Clay Buchholz Mini (Buchholz again.)

HH52 - Ian Kinsler Hometown Heroes

Pack 5:
217 - Shaun Marcum (So many Brewers...)

295 - Chris Carpenter (That's more like it.)
251 - Ian Desmond (Desmond has been swinging a hot bat of late.)

AOM17 - Hominidae Ascent of Man

110 - Jake McGee A&G Back Mini
HH60 - Alex Rodriguez Hometown Heroes (I wonder how long Alex Rodriguez will stick around.)
- Codemaster Jerk (Did anyone solve that thing? I haven't exactly been paying attention lately.)

Pack 6:
285 - Alex Rios
19 - Daniel Bard
127 - James Loney

310 - Matt Kemp (I'm not usually one to praise the Dodgers, but I was happy that they beat the Giants tonight. It makes things a little less complicated in case the Zombie Cards finally bust through the walls.)

AP20 - Bengal Tiger Animals in Peril

MMF22 - Ada Lovelace Minds That Made The Future

Pack 7:
69 - Neftali Feliz
161 - Casey McGehee (AHHHH! What did I do to you, Topps? This isn't nice.)
42 - Heath Bell (The Cardinal that never was. Instead, they have Arthur Rhodes and Octavio Dotel.)

12 - Hope Solo Code Parallel

304 - Madison Bumgarner Mini
HH88 - Roy Oswalt Hometown Heroes
- Binder Offer

Pack 8:
163 - Ian Kennedy (20 game winner... Cy Young contender? How did that happen? How is Arizona a division winner, for that matter?)
219 - The Ghost of Johan Santana
BHS-20 - Alex Rodriguez Baseball Highlight Sketches
327 - David DeJesus

WMF7 - The Man in the Iron Mask World's Most Mysterious Figures (Kinda creepy.)
HH14 - Carl Pavano Hometown Heroes
- Checklist 2 of 5

I will update the want list shortly. If you've engaged with me on a trade lately, thank you for being patient.

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