Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why Do They Do This?

Do I really need a Derrek Lee jersey swatch on my Albert Pujols jersey card, even though the Lee piece does have a pinstripe on it? This isn't exactly a "your chocolate is in my peanut butter" moment. Nevertheless, it was hard to turn down a half price ($5) Pujols jersey card at last month's card show. There's no chance I will make it to this month's card show unless I win the lottery sometime this week, which would be hard considering how often (never) I gamble. Speaking of which, I unfortunately will not be able to mail out every package I owe to various traders and the free group break recipients until closer to the middle of the month. I apologize for this. It's been extremely chaotic here at Cards on Cards Central.

I picked up a couple more Pujols cards along with the Ballpark Collection dual relic. This one just looks cool. I hate to buy cards because they just "look cool" for no other reason, but I got caught up in this one from 2005 Donruss Elite.

As you can see, it's serial numbered to boot.

Finally, here's an Elements card. I'm actually not completely sure that I don't already own this card, but if I do this should make some fun little trade bait. I am a sucker for these plastic cards or really anything gimmicky that I can afford. For $2, I couldn't resist.

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--David said...

Man, I've never seen that "Passing the Torch" card before! That's pretty sweet!