Monday, July 16, 2012

Cards from Padrographs

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but I'm close to being caught up in trade posts once again. Can you believe it? If that's not the universal signal for everyone to send me cards at once (and for me to get extremely busy at the same time), I don't know what is.

This latest batch of cards came way of fellow Portlander Rod from Padrographs. I still need to figure out which cards I need from Series 2. This is my first Brandon Dickson card, who has now had a cup of coffee with the big club in each of the last two seasons.

Maikel Cleto is in the same boat as Brandon Dickson, having made brief appearances this season and last. He was the return in the fated Brendan Ryan trade, and can throw 100 mph with the uncanny ability to find all the spots outside the strike zone.

Rod gave me a few "Gold Rush" stamped cards, which I guess gives me a new parallel to chase. I know there's a Gold Rush redemption thing, but that's not what these are. A little bit of internet research leads me to believe that these are some sort of hobby shop exclusive, but I don't know much beyond that. Does anyone else have any of these? I also have Kyle Lohse and Chris Carpenter's NLDS card, so I could use any others if anyone has some laying around.

This Jaime Garcia card has been a tough catch. I actually owned two of the code parallel versions of his card before I got the plain ol' SP version. I now need a second copy for my set, though.

Pete Kozma's shiny refractor reminds me that I really need to clean my scanner glass. Yikes.

Finally, here's proof that Padrographs is capable of something really cool that I wish I could do. He takes the custom card concept another level by actually producing a physical card, with some weight to it even. Here's the Portland Trail Blazers interim head coach who guided the sinking ship towards the salvage lot at the end of last season. Canales is, by all accounts, a good guy and a smart one at that. I'm not sure if he has a realistic shot at having that "interim" tag removed from his title once it comes time to hire someone (and that time is soon), but all indications are that he'll remain with the organization in some capacity.

Thanks again to Padrographs. He has some cards available for some lesser traded teams if you're into that sort of thing, so you should go on ahead and check it out.

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  1. Rod sent me a Ranger Gold Rush card. It looks like some hobby shops got 30 card sets from Topps and I guess some of them are being sold and finding their way into trade packages from Rod!


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