Sunday, July 22, 2012

Return of the Queen

For the second month in a row, I picked up a blaster of Gypsy Queen at a discount price at the monthly card show. Unlike last time, where I had a bit of buyer's remorse for buying a bunch of product that I have no intentions of collecting, this time I almost wish I had more money to spend. The reason? The blasters had proven to be so unpopular with this dealer that he's down to selling them at cost for a measly $10. I only bought one, though. As with last time, these are all up for grabs if they don't belong in my Cardinals binders.

Pack 1:
123 - Geovany Soto (I just got done watching the Cubs get swept. Man, that felt good. St. Louis outscored Chicago 23-1 this weekend and Soto has been too lousy to play every day.)
129 - Scott Rolen
17 - Trevor Cahill
204 - Jemile Weeks

91 - Tim Hudson Mini (I always forget how old Hudson is. He was born the same year as me, which means... oh crap.)

MS-JH - Josh Hamilton Moonshots

Pack 2:
284 - Todd Helton
115 - Kurt Suzuki
299 - Mike Carp (Carp had a big year last year, but he's back in AAA now and will probably leave people scratching their heads when they look back at why he had a card in this set.)
122 - Casey McGehee (Then again, Casey McGehee is in this set, too.)

269 - Willie Stargell Straight Cut Mini

FS-DJ - Desmond Jennings Future Stars

Pack 3:
295 - Dwight Gooden (Topps still calls him Doc.)
290 - Sandy Koufax
182 - Buster Posey

SS-DP - Dustin Pedroia Sliding Stars (This is a strange insert set, more along the lines of something you'd see from our friends Allen and Ginter.)
125 - David Robertson Mini

HH-CR - Cal Ripken Jr. Hallmark Heroes (The kids love Ripken.)

Pack 4:
53 - Angel Pagan
199 - Casey Kotchman
72 - Ryan Dempster (I'm just going to say it: I hate that stupid glove flip thing that Dempster does.)
183 - Heath Bell

233 - Duke Snider Gypsy Queen Mini (Classic.)

149 - Ryan Zimmerman Photo Variation

Pack 5:
128 - Grady Sizemore

138 - Chris Carpenter
30 - Cole Hamels
205 - Devin Mesoraco

302 - Anibal Sanchez Green Mini (Why, oh why, aren't there any Marlins fans to trade with?)

MS-MS - Mike Stanton Moonshots (Seriously.)

Pack 6:
150 - CC Sabathia
54 - Mariano Rivera (Did anyone notice that the Yankees were swept in 4 games in Oakland. That's never happened before.)
99 - Hanley Ramirez
71 - Ian Kennedy
71 - Ian Kennedy Mini (Yes, this happened.)

FS-DH - Derek Holland Future Stars

Pack 7:
86 - Jhoulys Chacin (His name looks like scrabble words.)
171 - Jimmy Rollins
243 - Catfish Hunter (I like it when it's not the same 10 retired stars in every set.)
141 - Roy Oswalt
133 - Mike Adams Mini

HH-BG - Bob Gibson Hallmark Heroes (Hit of the box if you ask me, which you probably didn't.)

Pack 8:
73 - Ben Revere

196 - Adam Wainwright
89 - Bud Norris
181 - Jeremy Hellickson

278 - Dustin Ackley Straight Cut Mini

110 - Jose Bautista Photo Variation

If anyone out there has the David Freese photo variation card or any Cardinals mini/inserts, please give my want list a look and let me know. Thanks!


  1. Nice! I like the Moonshot inserts, they're different as I usually don't see a whole lot of purple on cards.

  2. "I'm just going to say it: I hate that stupid glove flip thing that Dempster does."

    Agreed. It's stupid. Must be a Canadian thing.

  3. I would like to trade for the Cal Ripken Hallmark heroes. I'll send you a email, i have a bunch of cardinals from your want list.


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